Bad News, friends.

Sad Face Pug

Lisi is extremely sick today. 😦 She just mustered up the energy to let me know she won’t be able to post today so that I could pass on the word to you. She will be back tomorrow with a new Blah-g. Come back then to read her latest post!




  1. Awww, poor Lisi! That’s awful! At least she’ll be here tomorrow! Even if she can’t it’ll be okay.

  2. awwww that’s horrible.

  3. nadiabean21 says:

    Aww poor Lisi. I hope she gets better! At least there will be a new post tomorrow!

  4. I hope you feel better soon Lisi!

  5. GWS, Lisi!

  6. D’awwww, cute doggie x) Yes, Lisi, get well. I think this requires a The Fault in Our Stars quote:

    That’s the thing about pain – it demands to be felt.

    (Something like that. I don’t think it has much relevance to this, but whatever. Such is life. Stay strong. You shalt survive ^^ )

  7. So sorry you’re not well Lisi. I hope whatever bug you have passes over soon!

  8. Feel better soon Lisi! This picture of the cute pug will hold me off until tomorrow, don’t worry. 🙂

  9. I hope that you’ll feel better tomorrow. I wouldn’t want to miss that new blah-g! 😀

  10. Get well soon Lisi! Can’t wait for the blah-g (that puppy is pretty cute though!) 🙂

  11. Hope you get well soon, Lisi. Eat cement, man up, breathe.

    Whenever I’m sick, my mother says it’s because I don’t drink enough water, and so she says: DRINK WATER.
    Whenever my friend is sick, her mother says it’s because she’s growing, and her advice is: PUT PAWPAW CREAM ON IT.

    Do not ask for an explanation, that is all.

    & Just a random quote, because The Fault in Our Stars keeps stalking my brain:

    That’s the thing about pain… it demands to be felt.

    -_-‘ Yes. Such is life.

    • Omg I looooove the Fault in Our Stars and am without a doubt, 100% in love with Augustus!!!

      • I’m glad for you, it’s worthy of love ^^ Such a beautiful story. And you’ll be happy to know a boy promised me that Augustuses do indeed exist – and he’s a reliable fellow, if I may say so myself – so go out there and find one, sunshine 😉

  12. Don’t let the bug bug you:) Sorry:) Bad pun:)

  13. omg hope u feel heeeeaaaaps better soon lisi:):) its great that ull be there tomorrow though:) now can someone please start an interesting conversation cus this is getting tres boring:(
    or ill just start it myself- who knows wat a.p.w.b.d is???? u should if ur a harry potter lover.

  14. Do you like fried pickles and bacon cupcakes? that’s my conversation starter. works every time.

  15. that is seriousy like the saddest pug ever.

  16. hope u feel better

  17. I know how it is to feel sick. Whenever pollen season comes, my throat feels like it’s on fire. Lisi, make some homemade chicken soup. My mom’s recipe is the best—-she’d give Campbell’s a run for their money anytime.

  18. get well soon

  19. Hope you feel better Lisi.

  20. Awe, Hope you feel better Lisi!

  21. I just caught a cold. Nice to know I’m not the only one. But I do hope we both get better because being sick SUCKS.

  22. Lisi! I love that you revamped your blah-g(: It’s refreshing to the eyes.
    the only mini-critique that I have is that you should change the font/resolution/color/boldness of your title “Lisi Harrison blah-g” at the top. It should be much bigger & bolder & visually aesthetic, since it’s essentially the first thing people see. Just a suggestion though. 🙂

    Also I think some people are having trouble finding your blah-g! Since when you type in you don’t get redirected here.. 😦 Can’t wait for your next post! 😀

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