Bad News, friends.

Sad Face Pug

Lisi is extremely sick today. 😦 She just mustered up the energy to let me know she won’t be able to post today so that I could pass on the word to you. She will be back tomorrow with a new Blah-g. Come back then to read her latest post!




  1. Awww, poor Lisi! That’s awful! At least she’ll be here tomorrow! Even if she can’t it’ll be okay.

    • Olá Jésus, muito obrigado pelo seu depoimento. Certamente, com o seu empenho e dellda&ccedii;&aticde;o em transformar o mundo num lugar melhor para se viver irão gerar muitos frutos. Parabéns e grande abraço.

  2. awwww that’s horrible.

  3. nadiabean21 says:

    Aww poor Lisi. I hope she gets better! At least there will be a new post tomorrow!

  4. I hope you feel better soon Lisi!

  5. GWS, Lisi!

  6. D’awwww, cute doggie x) Yes, Lisi, get well. I think this requires a The Fault in Our Stars quote:

    That’s the thing about pain – it demands to be felt.

    (Something like that. I don’t think it has much relevance to this, but whatever. Such is life. Stay strong. You shalt survive ^^ )

  7. So sorry you’re not well Lisi. I hope whatever bug you have passes over soon!

  8. Feel better soon Lisi! This picture of the cute pug will hold me off until tomorrow, don’t worry. 🙂

  9. I hope that you’ll feel better tomorrow. I wouldn’t want to miss that new blah-g! 😀

  10. Get well soon Lisi! Can’t wait for the blah-g (that puppy is pretty cute though!) 🙂

  11. Hope you get well soon, Lisi. Eat cement, man up, breathe.

    Whenever I’m sick, my mother says it’s because I don’t drink enough water, and so she says: DRINK WATER.
    Whenever my friend is sick, her mother says it’s because she’s growing, and her advice is: PUT PAWPAW CREAM ON IT.

    Do not ask for an explanation, that is all.

    & Just a random quote, because The Fault in Our Stars keeps stalking my brain:

    That’s the thing about pain… it demands to be felt.

    -_-‘ Yes. Such is life.

    • Omg I looooove the Fault in Our Stars and am without a doubt, 100% in love with Augustus!!!

      • I’m glad for you, it’s worthy of love ^^ Such a beautiful story. And you’ll be happy to know a boy promised me that Augustuses do indeed exist – and he’s a reliable fellow, if I may say so myself – so go out there and find one, sunshine 😉

  12. Don’t let the bug bug you:) Sorry:) Bad pun:)

  13. omg hope u feel heeeeaaaaps better soon lisi:):) its great that ull be there tomorrow though:) now can someone please start an interesting conversation cus this is getting tres boring:(
    or ill just start it myself- who knows wat a.p.w.b.d is???? u should if ur a harry potter lover.

  14. Do you like fried pickles and bacon cupcakes? that’s my conversation starter. works every time.

  15. that is seriousy like the saddest pug ever.

  16. hope u feel better

  17. I know how it is to feel sick. Whenever pollen season comes, my throat feels like it’s on fire. Lisi, make some homemade chicken soup. My mom’s recipe is the best—-she’d give Campbell’s a run for their money anytime.

  18. get well soon

  19. Hope you feel better Lisi.

  20. Awe, Hope you feel better Lisi!

  21. I just caught a cold. Nice to know I’m not the only one. But I do hope we both get better because being sick SUCKS.

  22. Lisi! I love that you revamped your blah-g(: It’s refreshing to the eyes.
    the only mini-critique that I have is that you should change the font/resolution/color/boldness of your title “Lisi Harrison blah-g” at the top. It should be much bigger & bolder & visually aesthetic, since it’s essentially the first thing people see. Just a suggestion though. 🙂

    Also I think some people are having trouble finding your blah-g! Since when you type in you don’t get redirected here.. 😦 Can’t wait for your next post! 😀

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