Faking Amazing.

A show of hands  if you feel confident today.

I didn’t see any so I assume your self-esteem is close to mine–somewhere between the sole of my wedge and the depths of hell. October will do that to a girl. Tans are fading, homework is piling up, and our exciting new back-to-school outfits are sooo last month.

I mean look at this hair!!!

It would appear as though all hope is lost. Or at the very least, my brush. But I seriously hate being unhappy. Okay fine, I like it for a few minutes because unhappy can be kind of funny.  But after I milk some laughs from my pathetic situation I prefer to feel good. So here are five things I do to get my confidence back.

1. Channel Surf: Sheridan Spencer is one of the main characters in my new series The Phoenix Five. She is a 14 year-old actress who struggles with self-confidence. So she channels celebrities like Blake Lively, Anna Kournikova, and Massie Block.

She what?

She adopts the qualities of a famous actress or character. But wait! If you are Miley fan I am nawt suggesting you butcher your hair. Because you may want to be Rapunzel the next day. It’s more of a persona thing. Pinpoint the qualities you admire in a role model and borrow them for the day. Those who can’t be, act. Those who can’t act move on to tip #2.

2. Look Away: Get ready for school, work, date, soccer…whatever. Put the final touches on your hair, makeup, clothes, pose… and DO NOT look in a mirror, reflective window, spoon…for the rest of the day. Go out with the image of you looking fabulous in your head and don’t look back. It really works. I swear. Sometimes I’ll catch my reflection and get upset because I thought I looked better than I actually do. But had I resisted the urge to peek I would have spent the day thinking I look fabulous. And we all know what happens when we exude confidence don’t we? That’s right, we look great. Then people compliment us and we feel great which makes us look better which gets us more compliments which…move on to #3…

3. Keep a compliment journal: I know, this sounds totally shallow and pathetic but my sister Carly turned me on to the idea and she is neither. She teaches courses on the power of thinking positively and journals are a big part of it. Jot down every time someone gives you a compliment, not just on your looks, but on anything (Grades, kindness, soccer skills, nail polish…) you can refer back to it every time you’re feeling down. Seeing all of those positive comments will make you feel good and we all know what happens when you feel good (see #2).

4. Wear a bright color. Something you don’t normally wear. Bright colors project confidence and they make people happy. If your bright colors make people happy they will:

a) Want to be around you which will make you feel good.

b) Compliment you which will give you something to put in your journal, which will  make you feel good.

c) All of the above.

Answer: C (for confident).

5.  When all else fails: Download: I Feel Pretty/Unpretty by the cast of Glee. Blast the volume. Repeat as needed. It has a better cure rate than the flu shot.

Now go break hearts!!!!




  1. Ari-thats a cool major, so u wanna be a writer cool i love all the writing u post here

    skye-yes yes yes

  2. Emily- Yeah, I do. But I’m kinda failing at it so I don’t see publication in my future.
    Skye- Eh, don’t let it get to you.

  3. Where is Lisi?

  4. yeah where is she?

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