Guest Post on The Office Elf Blog

Hi all. 🙂 Lisi’s away on holiday for a few days and I’ve posted a guest blah-g over at
The Office Elf!

Lisi will be back with her usual blah-g post next week!

xoxo ❤



  1. Hi Alisha,

    Thanks for sharing your personal story on the blog. Your advice was right on. Kids are exposd to so much these days and they want to grow up so fast, that they have a really tough time sorting out their feelings.
    Love relationships are hard at any age, (especially when you are in the middle of one with all the doubts, expectations , etc. that seem to tag along like uninvited guests.
    I always love Lisi’s sensible approach and her caring for and connection to her fans. She’s a wonderful role model and you are a chip off the old block ( not Massie !!) . Actually, you are your own block, and that’s what it’s all about.!!
    Keeo up the great work!
    Old enough to be your mom, and proud mom of an amazing author.
    Been around the block a few times myself!!!

  2. wow, everyone’s commenting places other than this. Wow where’s everybody go? I loved your blog Alisha! Thanks for sharing your story and your and lisi’s advice!

    I look back and i said wow too much…. like king worm…. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO (°o°)
    If you don’t understand it, you don’t watch the best show ever. ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!!!!!

  3. Click on my name to see my awesome new blog post and all the work I’ve done in Creative Writing!!!

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