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Hi all. πŸ™‚ Check out my guest post today over on theΒ Office ElfΒ blog for a few ways to get your spring sprung.

Happy spring equinox!


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  1. 1st comment, that’s the 1st time that’s ever happened…

    HELP!! So yesterday I texted me guy friend (calling him Steve) about my crush (calling him Leo) and if he could find out if Leo liked me. Steve told me that Leo didn’t have a crush on any girl, and that he’d asked him many times akready. He said he’d ask again bet Leo was probably going to say he didn’t like anyone.;.
    Should I still try to go after him or let it be? I’d reallt like an answer before Friday, cus that’s when the school dance is and I want to now if you think I should dance with him or not.

    Thanks a lot!!

    • OK, I need help again. Steve asked Leo if he’d go out with me in a game form. They played if you could date ………. would you? and Steve asked about me and he said no. I’ve decided to give up on that and get over him. Actually on Tuesday, I think I started getting a sort-of crush on Steve, my ex crush’s best friend. I told him about my crush on Leo (Hope you guys don’t mind the names) and he’s the one that got me the info. So if now I tell him I’ve got a crush on him he might think I don’t really, or think I never really had a crush on his friend, or that I change my mind too quickly and that I can’t settle down.
      Should I try to go after HIM now? Should I try to get him? Should I try to see if he’s interested and dance with him at the school dance? I REALLY need advice!!

      Thanks in advance!!

      • Oh wow! That’s some pretty crazy stuff. Does Steve ever seem to like you back?

      • Mikaeyla says:

        Go after Steve!!! Sometimes we think we like someone, but while trying to pursue the other person, the “friend” we ask all the questions to, is the one that we actually like. (Does that even make sense?) First, see if he’s interested though. Dance with him at the dance!! And then if that all works out good ask him out!! But is Leo a shy guy? Cause he might not even tell his bestfriend the truth. So he might’ve lied to Steve, does he have another really good girl best friend. Cause I feel that guys tend to talk more about who they like with girls and vice versa. I know that’s what I tend to do. Anywaysss, good luck! And I hope everything works out!

  2. Alisha’s Blah-g post is ah-mazing. Thank you Elfy!!!! I left a more extensive comment on your site.

  3. Hi, thanks girls!!

    I don’t know if Steve likes me back. I don’t think Leo is shy, he tends to say what he feels to his friends. Trust me, Leo and Steve are BBFs, they are so close it’s unbelievable! He would have told him the truth if Steve asked.
    I think in my head I knew I liked Leo, but in my heart not really. And then Tuesday, I started to get a crush on Steve. He’s a bit cuter, he’s funny, he’s nice… I’ll try to dance with him tonight πŸ™‚

    Thank you!!

    • Oooh! Good luck! Bust a Move! πŸ˜€
      I like the name Steve anyway, not Leo. Hehe!
      Right now, I’m not sure if I like anyone. It’s crazy, because I liked someone this morning and then I saw him flirting with another girl and for some reason, it kinda just went pass me. That’s when I realized I don’t like him. But maybe, I don’t know.
      Then there is this other guy…
      Ugh. Boys are weird.

      • OMG it all went soooooo terribly!!!
        I told my 2 best gal friends that I liked Steve now, instead of Leo. One of them’s actually liked him for a week or 2 now, so I told her she could have him. It seemed fair. I didn’t mind at first, but now I’m really depressed. I don’t know why. I don’t think it’s about Steve, but more that he thinks I still like Leo. I don’t honestly know what I feel now… I guess I’ll try to be crushless for a while, but I don’t know… I feel like I need emotional dependancy on a guy right about now. So I don’t know how well that’s gunna go…
        A friend of mine has a crush on Leo now, and I tried to get him to dance with her, but he wouldn’t. I think that’s also what’s making me sad. I think I couldn’t get any guy I wanted, so I wanted my friends to get them. But instead I feel like the guys aren’t my friends anymore (I know that sounds bad(and stupid)). I acted like a real b!tch with them tonight. I just felt hurt and I didn’t want my friends to feel the same way because of the same guys. I guess the facy I couldn’t even get them for other people is REALLY what got to me.
        I’m usually pretty strong. I don’t break down easily, ,but tonight I feel like a fish out of water. What I really need now is a rejection twix bar;) I’m trying not to tell my friend how bad I feel now cus we’re texting, so that’s why I’m telling you guys all this.
        Help anyone?

        Sorry to have writen all of this, and told you about my life even if you don’t really care… Thanks for all the support along the line!!!


    • Oh no!
      So it is Leo now? Or Steve?
      How about this:
      No flirting. No batting your eyes. No anything. You can talk, be funny, and be their friend. Maybe if you just show them your great personality, they will fall for you. If they don’t, it’s their loss. Go on a boyfast until your Cam Fisher comes. πŸ™‚
      This may not be what you want to hear, but it really does help. And if you don’t want to do it, maybe do this:
      Just stop caring what other people think and do what’s right for you.
      (Make sure to still wash your hair, though. No reason to go hippie.)

      • Thank you for the advice!! I’ll try. The cute, funny and sweet guys in my class are Steve, Leo, and this other guy we call Bob.
        I talked about Bob in my 1st comment on the blah-g. He’s one of my closest guy friends, and we have lots in commun. Except he doesn’t want to date anyone for the moment.
        Leo won’t date me, and one of my other friends has a crush on him, so I’m letting her take him.
        Steve thinks I still like Leo. I didn’t have a full crush on him yet, so when my other friend said she’d liked him for a couple weeks, I thought she should have him.
        I want a boyfriend, but for the moment I guess I can’t have one. I’m going to try a boyfast. For the next week, at least (I’m not sure I could take any longer for now), I won’t flirt or bat eyes or try to get a botfriend. I’ll push back my feelings for guys. We’ll be friends, nothing more.

        I’m going to wait for my prince now. Thank you guys for all you brought me along the way!! You all gave me courage! I never could have gotten this far without your advice or the boost you all gave me.
        Thanks sooooo much!!


      • Hahhahhaha!
        That name makes me laugh.

    • Mikaeyla says:

      I’m so sorry things didn’t go the way you planned. 😦 I know how you feel though, and I actually went on a boyfast for like 2 years (except I cheated and liked guys, and thought some were cute, but didn’t actually like anyone). It was seriously Splenda πŸ˜‰ when you sacrificed your happiness for your friends (true friendship right there). But in the end maybe those guys aren’t what you really wanted in a boyfriend (for you or your girls), Gawd always has a plan. Hope you aren’t too strict with your boyfast because that’s extremely hard and impossible to not think an incredibly hot guy is cute. πŸ˜‰

  4. Thanks for the playlist of cheerful songs Alisha! I really need it, especially after reading CP2 😦 I’m so bitter about Will *SPOILER* He’s dead. And I wanted to rip the epilouge apart, as it destroyed everything I loved. And then I watched a movie and in it there was a guy named Will and even though it wasn’t the same guy, I cried hysterically at the mention of the name. I’m so upset and it’s been 4 days since the book came out.

    • Lisi I am so thankful that you don’t troll your readers and that you end your series appropriately. I feel so cheated right now (not by you though.)

  5. Hehe looking at all the comments it seems like you should write a relationship advice column. I had a quick question… On the backs of your books it says you created and developed shows for MTV. Which shows did you create and develop??????

    • YES, Lisi, relationship advice is REALLY what I need right now!! It could probably help me and a bunch of other girls who read your blah-g. I know boys aren’t everything, but at my age (I’m twelve) they are taking up A LOT of my time.

      If you ever don’t know what to write about in your blah-g, or just feel you could help, I would greatly apreciate it!!

      Thanks for considering this!!

  6. If you’re 12 I don’t think you should worry about boys at all. I’m 19, never had a boyfriend or even kissed a guy and I love the single life. Seriously, I see my friends falling over guys, getting hurt, and just acting stupid over guys and I can tell it’s not worth it. Just love yourself and embrace the single life. You have so much time to worry about dating and boys. Focus on your confidence and grades right now, not the male species. They’re really not worth it.

    • Thank you, and trust me I’ll try. I have lots of guy friends and I like it like that. Exceptrecently I’ve been feeling like I really need to depend on a guy, like have a boyfriend. But I guess that If I just tell my closest guy friend about stuff that’s hurting me, it couls sort of feel the same. But I do definately think I’m going on a boyfast for a little.
      Thanks for the advice Arianna, I love your blog!!


  7. Lisiiiii, I miss you when you’re gone! But Alisha, you did an amazing guest blog πŸ™‚ So thank you, we all need some extra positivity in our lives and your post definitely helped boost mine when I needed it, especially your taste in music!
    Girlies, my birthday is on wednesday, I’m turning 16… How on earth did this happen! Seems like yesterday I was just discovering The Clique for the first time, and starting school instead of nearly finishing it! Oh how time flies!

    • Ps: I just cant get enough of all these photos of Bebe! SO FREAKING CUTE!

      • You’re turing 16, Zula? Happy birthday to you in advance! πŸ™‚ And I’ll be 16 over the summer. And I get what you mean about time flying by! I started reading her books when I was 12. And I really need positivity right now, especially since I’m stressing over school and William Herondale from TID 😦 Curse myself for being so emotionally invested in things. But I started reading the Host last weekend and I kind of like it! I cannot wait to see the movie. Max Irons is so attractive ❀

  8. haylee – indeed i am turning 16! such a scary milestone dont you think? On wednesday in the UK I’ll be legal… TO RIDE A LAWNMOWER! πŸ˜‰ :L seriously thats a law! But it also has so much more significance, so scary! I feel ya, school is the bane of my life, and we just got reports, safe to say me and my mum argued for a god few days about that one! But in reality each school year is just another chance to change the year before, to learn and grow as a person, so try as hard as you can, but dont let it ruin you! And dont stress too much about tv/book characters, yes they’ll always hold this insane power over us that we never expect, and yes that evoke irrational emotions all the time, but whats great about them is that you can stop and come back to them at any time, you dont need to feel all that in one huge hit!

    • Ah OK! And yeah i’m kind of scared about driving lol. And I’m not SUPER stressed about Will as I was a few days ago, but still the end of the last book made me cry and I returned the last book to the bookstore. I have a love/hate relationship with the last book. And LOL, I think it’s funny that Will and Tessa got more action in 1878 than Jace and Clary did in present time. You should totally read Mortal Instruments! And the Infernal Devices is good except I wasn’t a big fan of the last book. William </3 And LOL about lawnmover πŸ˜›

      • And also Zula, I’m recc-ing you Imagine Dragons! They’re an amazing band! πŸ™‚

  9. Haylee and Zula- Driving a car isn’t anything to worry about. I’ve been driving for 3 years and haven’t had an accident or gotten a ticket yet. With that said, I’ll probably jinx myself and get one going to work tomorrow. Anyways, if you drive cautious and with the mindset that everyone is terrible at driving and so you have to be extra careful and smart, you’ll be fine. Always assume everyone is a worse driver than you so you can be ready for anything. People are idiots behind the wheel and as long as you know that and don’t act like idiot you’ll be fine.

  10. Can’t wait for today’s blog post Lisi!!!

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