Photo Bomb!

How was the BOYFAST????? Do tell.

It’s Spring Break for a lot of you right now and since spring weather hasn’t sprung for most of us I’ve decided to focus on the break part. That means no blah-g reading for you and no blah-g writing for me. That doesn’t mean you’re totally free though. I still need you so sit back down and focus.

I have to put a new author photo on the Pretenders series and I need help. Which one do you like? I HATE posing more than I hate cardio. So you can only imagine how painful this was for me. Be nice.

Lisi-2013-248Lisi-2013-252Lisi-first-pass-194 Lisi-2013-327

Here’s what we’ll call them:

#1- Who Invited The Serious Author?

#2-Sassy Smirk.

#3- Romance, Party of One.

#4- The Goober That I Am.

I’d love your feedback, since you are my inner circle.




  1. I think Sassy Smirk, but they’re all so pretty! Wow Lisi, your inner beauty really does show on the outside. Don’t think I’m weird or insincere, but you’re honestly incredibley beautiful!

  2. either Who Invited The Serious Author, Sassy Smirk or Goober That I Am 🙂

  3. I personally like #3 the best! And I agree with Sarah, you are BEAUTIFUL! 😀

  4. killian says:

    I like the one with the colorful shows your playful but serious,that you have a wicked imagination,but that you keep your cool:-D

  5. I love photo number three

  6. Brianna says:

    I ahgree with everyone else lisi you are soooo pretty
    I heart sassy smirk
    You should toe-dally choose it

  7. I go with……. #2 Sassy Smirk. Because it seriously would look good on the back of the pretenders!!!!!

  8. I love options 2and 4. The photos are so pretty!

  9. I’d go #3. You look gorg in all, but I believe that #3 shows YOU.

  10. beasays09 says:

    number 2

  11. #4 but all the photos look ah-mazing lisi!

    Xoxo – Amber Marie
    Ps: new post is up on my page

  12. I absolutely love numer 3! You are so pretty!

  13. #2 Sassy Smirk.

  14. #4

  15. missabbiestarr says:

    #2 Sassy Smirk! It’s my favorite but all of the other ones look great too!

  16. Evie :) says:


  17. #3. And I hate cardio too!

  18. 2 and 4:)

  19. Goober ^u^ they’re all good so it’s a tough decision!

  20. Becca S. says:

    I like #4 or #3! You look good in those. But it depends on the series too. With the clique series you did a nice job with those because you showed your face, but focused on the book. What is the Pretenders series about? Think about that and then decide, but the Goober I am is the best or #3

  21. Kassidi says:

    I like the last one and the sassy one. cant wait untill Pretenders comes out! 🙂

  22. Love the 3rd photo. I think it’ll look great with the cover of pretenders. Plus you look great! Whatever you choose will be good, you look fine in all of them!(:

  23. Hailey A. says:

    I love #3 Lisi! Romance, Party of One is THE ONE. I don’t why I think this, but somehow that picture just reminds me of your personality and who you are…

  24. Sassy Smirk all da way, yo!!!

  25. i like sassy smirk

  26. #2 or #3
    Love them!

  27. I love number two!!! And im gonna try a boy fast. It wont be hard there is only three boys in my class. You should really write a book about boy troubles and advice and stuff. Why do all these people ask you for boy help? Do you mind giving out help?

    • Oh and i love your tattoo in number three so pretty!!! All the pictures look great but number two is my fave!!! Oh and one more …… do you write a mystery series? If so please tell ( i have only read your monster high series and i am waiting for book three of the clique from my library) okay byeeeee have a super fluffyfull day

  28. #3

  29. I love #1. It looks so “FAMOUS AUTHOR” – MUST READ! it’s something like Madeline Wickham/Sophie Kinsella’s don’t you thing?

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