Forever Pretenders

My Facebook inbox is heavy with your confessions. Some of these secrets are so good, I’d love to give the pretender credit for their confessional courage, but everything here stays anonymous. Of all the confessions I’ve received from readers since Pretenders first released, these are my top 10 favorites. Pretending is now officially ubiquitous and nobody is immune. How do you pretend?















  1. Shaila Gottlieb says:

    I’m a pretender cuz I pretend that I’m happy for you that you love in such a cool place…which I am, but I’m miserable that you are so far away!



  2. HEY LISI. It’s been a while. University life got in the way. Do you remember me? And I feel awesome because my confession is up here as a favourite =^_^= I gotta say, from your favourites, it’s those ‘real lashes’ that’s mine 🙂

    Hopefully I can keep up again, and hopefully I can find me a copy of Pretenders -_-‘

    I’ve missed this place ♥

  3. Hey, Lisi. I believe today is a very magical day—Happy Birthday! I wouldn’t ever forget it because you are the most ah-mazing person in the world. Check out my Thursday Blah-g this week because you’re in it! You are my idol and role model, I heart you!

    P.S. What’s the best way I can contact you?

    ♥︎ Alicia

  4. Hi Lisi, I just finished License to Spill and I decided to look a little more into you and I saw your birthday is tomorrow so Happy Birthday I hope you enjoy it as much I have enjoyed your books.

  5. Jessica P says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. Hiii 🙂

    I nomiated you for the inspiring blogger award; please check my latest post for details!

    xo amanda

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