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Lisi Harrison Talks Middle School Struggles with Author Jen Calonita.

Hello Friends and Stalkers,

Last week I had a very honest conversation with author Jen Calonita about navigating middle school. We talked about our new books, our fantasy do-overs, and how the struggles we had as 12-year-olds haven’t gone away. We also explore my new favorite question: Is it possible for friends to grow up without growing apart?

Well? Is it? What do you think?


xoxo Lisi

Happy Galentines Day!

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Valentines are so pre-pandemic, am I right? It’s all about Galentines now. You know, those girlfriends who kept you smiling and laughing over the last year without judging you for carb-loading, binge-watching, and wearing the same pair of sweats three days in a row without underwear. Yeah, them.  If you want to show your special gal pal how much you ah-dore her, enter the Girl Stuff Galentine’s Day Sweepstakes for a chance to win two copies of Girl Stuff and a ton of bestie points. You’re welcome.


Happy Galentine’s Day!!!


xoxo Lisi






Words of Wisdom and a Free Book! You’re Welcome.

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That’s right, my friends. You can win a free copy of Girl Stuff and a ton of bragging rights by entering the giveaway from YA Books Central. Details are at the end of this interview. Yep, you have to slog through my words of wisdom first. You didn’t think I’d make this easy, did you?

YABC:   What gave you the inspiration to write Girl Stuff?

When I began developing this series I had two sons in middle school. I was surrounded by inspiration, growing pains, and serious B.O. (still am.) I realized I didn’t need to create a fantastical world to deliver drama. Puberty is dramatic. Maintaining old friendships while you’re discovering new things is dramatic. Crushes, peer pressure, school …

I’m Baaaaack!

Lisi HarrisonOkay, so, I know I’ve been missing for a year or two. And I’m genuinely sorry. Writing a new series requires a ton of energy. Writing a new series during a pandemic with a house full of Zoom sounds and teen boy smells requires even more. Is it a good excuse? I hope so. It’s the only one I have. But I’m back, and I’m ready to introduce you to the voices that have been laughing, stressing, and bickering inside my head since the summer of 2019.

Friends, meet the girls of Girl Stuff.

Fonda, Drew, and Ruthie have been nesties–next-door besties–for as long as they can remember. These Southern California girls love Friday night sleepovers, fro-yo with unlimited toppings, …

How to Have a Summer Crush Without Getting Crushed.

School is out, tans are on point, and the sweet smell of SPF 50 is in the air. Call yourself a trash compactor, baby, because you are ready to crush. But here’s the problem: crushes are called crushes because hearts are literally getting crushed in the process. And you know what that means? Come mid-August the ground will be covered in shards of broken hearts. That leaves you and a pair of tweezers nipping at your freshly pedicured foot as you try to pluck out the splinters of pain. 

Or, you can crush-proof your summer with the handy-dandy-no-tweezers-necessary (unless-you-have-a-unibrow) method I like to call V.A.G. Now remember it’s not for everyone. Just those of you who don’t mind saying, “I’m …

Ass Packwards.

You know how people say, “The house could have been burning down and I still wouldn’t have noticed…” Well, I didn’t say it, my friends, I lived it.

Last month, on Saturday, June 2, I spent the afternoon working on my new middle-grade novel and I was in the zone. Deep, deep, deep. Yes, I heard sirens and the whirring blades of the helicopters, but did they register? No. No, they did not.

The fifteen years I spent living in NYC had dulled my senses to those sounds. The fifteen years I spent writing and blocking out distractions, dulled them even further. So, it literally took a call from the police, followed by a megaphone announcement outside my house to …

Life’s A Glitch.

Back in early 2017, Ryan, my trainer, had just proposed to his girlfriend and wanted a nice place to throw the engagement party.

“I know the wedding planner at the Montage,” I told him. “I’ll hook you up!” So what if his budget was tight. Jules Valentine was a hopeless romantic. She’d make it work.

Needless to say, Ryan was thrilled and stretched me for an extra long time that day.

After our session, I searched for Jules’ number on my phone and was shocked when I couldn’t find it. Seconds later, that shock cooled and hardened into terror. Because I had just realized that Jules Valentine was not my friend. She wasn’t even alive. She was a character in …


Here’s a wrap up of yesterday’s event for those of you who couldn’t make it. And just so you know, my wardrobe is finally working. So is my Amex. I shopped and dropped.

Didn’t You Love It?? 

Well, that may have been the funniest Smart Women event we’ve ever had – thanks to our smart, inspiring and hilarious guest speaker, author Lisi Harrison!

Networking. Shopping with our Hanger Boutiques. Being inspired by an amazing message from Lisi about being yourself – and more importantly – letting others be themselves, too.

We were so pleased to see lots of new faces at the event and to be able to honor our volunteers, who dedicate nearly 41,000 hours to Working Wardrobes each