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I’ll sign your copy and add a few other goodies to your package.

Seriously, not pretending.


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  1. Madi Lemons says:

    I have read the first 2 books of the series and love the drama and them!! Hoping the third book will come out soon! 😝 can’t wait! (I read the second book in 2 days!)

  2. Do you know when the next book is coming out? I’ve been waiting for over a year, and am not satisfied with the ending of the second. I need to know what happens!

  3. Is another book coming out after License to Spill? I love these books.

  4. Do you know when the next Pretenders novel will be complete? I don’t want to speed up the process, just asking.

  5. When will yung publish book 3?! I can’t wait to read it, even my friends does! xxx

  6. Hello!
    I found this book strolling around Books A Million needing a nice easy read to pass the time. I fell in love with it. I then went on to search for the second book. What a search that was. NO ONE had it. Out of stock everywhere. I even called the Laguna Book store that was one here hoping for the VIP package and was informed that even they did not have any and it would be until May to get a paperback. That made me sad. I was hoping to have one signed. However, I did FINALLY find a copy in a used book store online and had It shipped over night. The conclusion here is that I personally believe that when the third book comes out to make lots and lots of prints so your fans can find it!
    Thank you!

  7. License to Spill had a HUGE cliffhanger at the end and I’m craving book 3. Is there a planned title and or release date?

  8. Hey! I am read your last two books and I love them! I am going into the high school process and I can’t wait for the next! How many books do you think will be in the series?

  9. Hi, Lisi! First off, I want to say that you are one of my top two favorite authors! I love all your books, and I always find myself reading your books for hours. Anyways, I was wondering if you knew when the next Pretenders book will be out. License to Spill ended on a MAJOR cliffhanger and I have to know what happens!!!

  10. Bri Stajdl says:

    I love this series! When will the next one come out?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is there going to be a third book? Most know ASAP the cliffhanger at the end is seriously killing me.

  12. I read all the books in your clique series and the current 2 books in the Pretenders series and I am a huge fan of your work! I am planning to read the alpha series but am dying to know what happens next in the pretenders series! Is there going to be another book in the series if so when is the planned release date?

    Again I love your books and can’t wait to read more!

  13. Please come out with 3rd book soon!!!!!! I hate when authors leave me at a cliff hanger. Now I have to wait until you come out with the next book!

  14. apretender says:

    I love The Pretenders! Please complete the series soon…the end to the second book was SUCH a cliffhanger!

  15. bailey drake says:

    i just finished the first book in less than 2 hours…. NEED TO GET MY HANDS ON THE SECOND! does anyone know when the 3rd is being released?

  16. What??? there is a second and third??? what are they called! I love love LOVE the pretenders and NEED the second! and third!

  17. Just finished PRETENDERS read it in about four hours wish I had the second and third ones right here, right now so I could binge read!

  18. Keri Bodker says:

    I read the first two books and was wondering if there was going to be a third book. Please write a third book soon I can’t wait to read it.

  19. The first book was published in 2013, the second in 2014, and then nothing since then. It is looking as though the series has probably been abandoned.

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