Sealed with A Promise

SWAPS are finally here!!! Whisper a promise into the envelope, close it up and carry it with you throughout the day. The S.W.A.P. bracelet will be a constant reminder to stay true to the promises you make to yourself and to friends.





The SWAP bracelets, inspired by those Vanessa Riley makes in PRETENDERS, are
ON SALE NOW and waiting to call your wrists their new home. Mix ‘n’ match and SWAP with friends. 100% of proceeds from SWAPS will benefit Be The Match® in memory of Jocy Orozco. Visit Gorjana & Griffin online today and choose your favorite color!


  1. I just wanted to let you know that the links for “ON SALE NOW” and “Gorjana & Griffin” don’t work. They bring you to their website but not to the S.W.A.P. bracelets.

    • Thank you! I’ll check it out. They both used to work so something must be up.

      • Could u plz plz plz write more clique series plz i love them u have such gr8 attention to detail and it’s super cool series i l-uv them!!!!!!!!!!!thank gawd that my sister showed me these books!!:)also cool braclets i luv them ,i might just get one for my friend and I.Also here’s an idea for a new series .u could write a series for the ah-mazing Briarwood boys .It would be so cool to see everything from their point of view to know wat the heck Cam was thinking when he and Clair got in a fight in the book sealed with a diss ,or wat thoughts were running through Derringt-i-i mean Derrick’s mind when Massie called him “immature”.Or how… idk… how… Josh felt about everything that happened w/ Alica and him and w/ all the things that happened to all the other boys,or how it felt to actually lip kiss Clair and have Cam walk in on them.Oh Oh or how Cam felt when he saw them kissing.Well yea that is just a few ideas for a new series (witch BTW would be an ah-mazing series and i would totes read it!!!!)so yea.Well by now i’ve probably bored u to death so i will just stop typing there so yeah.TTYL Lisi.

      • oh and BTW u r really pretty.see ya ttyl

  2. Novie’s Current State of Union
    IN OUT
    S.W.A.P Bracelets Friendship necklaces

  3. can u make it handmade in some way

  4. are there going to be more movies or books

  5. Are you ever going to write another clique book? I really hope so. 🙂

  6. i clicked on the website link but i can’t seem to find the bracelet. Could you check it out? I’d really love to buy one!

  7. I can’t find any online. Where can you find one?

  8. Hey (: I really want to by a bracelet because I’m obsessed with the book. But I clicked on the link and it’s not working.

  9. Poison Ivvy (aka ivvy boothe) says:

    OOOOOOHHHHH i really wanna read that series toooooo! @Ceilia.

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