Snail Mail

If you would like to write to me you can send a letter addressed to:
Lisi Harrison
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
℅ Author Mail
237 Park Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10017

I’m also happy to autograph your books for you! Just send a copy along with a self addressed stamped envelope to the address above.


  1. I can’t wait to read your book. For the summer reading list I picked you as the author to do my report.

  2. Your book Alicia reminds me of me. I want to become a singer dancer and actress as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Heather Hills says:

    HI, I love your books, I have also watched your movie and I totally think you should consider making a secound movie for The Clique based on the secound book in the series, I think all the clique fans around the world would love to see each of the clique books in the series in a movie version 💖😚

  4. Waiting on that 3rd book

  5. Nicole Wills says:

    When are you going to make another clique movie please?

  6. Make a movie for Alpha Academy!!!

  7. Ms. Lisi Harrison,
    Is the above mailing address where I need to send the Monster High Series to for your autograph?


    • Yes Brenda, this is the address.

      Lisi Harrison
      Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
      ℅ Author Mail
      237 Park Avenue, 15th Floor
      New York, NY 10017

  8. I just want to say that your the most talented writer yet and I really love your MH series. Im actually on the role to becoming a writer someday and you’re my inspiration.

    P.S. I’m hoping theirs another pretenders

  9. Please I hope they make more Clique movies. This was my middle school book growing up, and I still love it till this day. (I’m 21 now)

  10. Ms. Lisi Harrison,
    I mailed the books I bought of your MH Series for your autograph on Oct. 9, 2015, with return postage paid enclosed and a label for mailing back to me. I rec’d signature confirmation that the box was rec’d on Oct. 15, 2015 and just wanted to check in with you. I understand that you are very busy, and would appreciate any feedback you can give me on the status. I posted on your FB page also.

    Thank you,
    Brenda Wheeler

  11. greetings from Malaysia Lisi!!! ^_^
    I love love love The Clique movie and what I do love even more is the locations of the movie took place. I genuinely love the Block’s house and Alicia Rivera’s house in the movie. oh and the mall too. it looks so serene yet luxury.
    the interior design in Block’s house is magnificent! and u know what, the house has driving me crazy to the extent that I have been trying to search for the house on Google Maps like for a week now. my eyes are sore from seeing my laptop screen for too long. haha. I’m completely obsessed! hahaha

    most of the house locations that I love when I saw them in the movie I can look it up on the internet and I can find it but not this one. ugh…so frustrating. from what I know it’s located in Rhode Island and I personally love Westerly and Newport. beautiful beaches and houses too.

    will u please tell me where is the Block’s house is located? please…I wanna look it up on Zillow and see the interior design. it interior truly spoke to me. like i’m seeing myself in that design. totally 100% my kind of interior design type. when I have my own house in the near future, I hope I can design just like the Block’s house. please please please….this is my last effort that I can do…pretty please~~~~

  12. Katie Headington says:

    Dear Lisi,
    I love your books Monster High I think they are so unique and creative I have 2 Monster High books that I love to read I think it’s so interesting how they have the same big cities as we do but just a little different and unique name for the cities. Each time I go to Barnes & Noble I always look for monster high books and I usually find 1 Monster High book. How did you come up with that idea of Monster High I’ve always wondered how you came up with that and it’s always bugged me that I didn’t know how you came up with that.


  13. Hello,
    My name is Rachel, I love your book and I’m looking forward to the second … especially to meet the end. I’ll wait for you in Spain !!! –

  14. HI, omg I’m 12 yes old and started reading the series because my school is new and got new books and I decided to read them, but one problem. My school doesn’t have the Summer Series and they’re not at stores and amazon is just😑. Do you where I can get them and I really want your autograph!!!!

  15. Ashley O'Dell says:

    The Pretenders Series has really gotten me hooked! I read both books in one week lol. Anyway, will there be a third book (I really hope there will be one), if so, when will that be released? Thanks.

  16. im so sad you stopped writing the books

  17. the books really got me hooked and then i read the Tale of to pretty’s. I read them all in less then a week.

  18. alicia dylan kristian and claire and massie desribed me now nothing

  19. Alyssa Marie Thomas says:

    My name is Alyssa Marie Thomas. I don’t really talk to authors, but with you, I just had to talk to you. I don’t know anything about your other books, but I have all four of your Monster High books and it has shown me that the world is a dangerous place and to not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. And, that being a teenager is a lot of work. You see, I am but a mere 11 3/4 young lady and I already am into books with romance, politics, family matters, or teaching the world something new. You put all that in your series. I also love your descriptions in the books. It really connected me and my imagination flew. I wish you would have made a movie or two out of them because if others could imagine what I was imagining, that would be freaky fabulous! LOL! I know; that was a bad play on words. Anyway, I really want to learn more about you; and not just what you put on the book. I want to know more about your past, how you came up with your awesome ideas, and about the things that make you laugh, cry, or just gets on your last nerve. If you don’t want to, that is totally fine. I guess I just took a long shot at it. My email is
    zai tian

    P.S. I am taking Chinese (Mandarine)

  20. Serena Jeschel says:

    Your books are heaven

  21. Do you mind if i make the clique series into a game thing on the app called episode?

  22. I always loved reading The Clique when I was a kid. Now that I’m older, somehow I remember them and wanted to ask something I had always wondered about.
    ” She got the same feeling around Christmas when she’d look at the tree in the middle of the night. … Like looking at someone who was all dressed up with nowhere to go.”
    I couldn’t find the entire quote, but she saw a beautiful tree, and seeing it decorated and alone made her incredibly sad for a reason she couldn’t explain. Was it a symbol of the lonely life she leads? How with all the effort she puts into being a glamorous queen bee, she is able to achieve it, but she still has no genuine friends and is never happy?

  23. Can you write a book about Massie’s new life in England?

  24. Vanessa P says:

    2016 and still hoping for a second movie of the clique. I first began reading the series in elementary and am now going to reread all of the books. I’m in my first year of college and this is better than purchasing a school textbook

  25. omg im going to go and write a letter write now

  26. Sonia S'mores says:

    Hi Lisi Harrison, your Clique Series inspired me to write my own! Keep a look out.
    Ps. If it ever does get published an indirect thank you is shown by my character Lizzie Harris!

    • That’s so amazing! I wish you luck on writing this series, and when it comes out, know that I will be first in line to devour these books, just like I devoured the Clique. I really hope you publish your series, and once again, good luck. I’m cheering for you xo

  27. So hi, my name is Kamila. I’m such an avid fan of the Clique, and I have been since about age 11 or 12. I have read every book in the series (yes, even Charmed and Dangerous, I love it!) and I have read most of the summer series. I have yet to read Massie, Claire, and Dylan (plus the Cliquetionary) and I’ll be all set. I’m clinging onto these last few books I haven’t read, and I feel like not yet reading some of them is intentional, even though I really want to read them and I can’t find them. I feel like it’s intentional because I don’t yet want to face that I have read every single one of your absolutely amazing books and that it’s the complete end. I was already heartbroken by the last book in the series and the Pretty Committee ending because of Massie’s move to England. I was so so upset. I cried (actually cried), I was down in the dumps for days and days after, and all I could talk about was how shocking and upsetting the end was. This was how much this series affected me. These characters had almost morphed into real people for me, and seeing this legacy left by them gone was terrible. I was so heartbroken, and it affected me in ways no one could understand because The Clique has changed my life in ways that no one could understand. I bet that even if I didn’t know it, if I didn’t read the Clique, a part of me that I didn’t even know would be missing. It has everything that I’ve ever dreamed of in a book, ever: a beautiful, rich alpha, her adoring betas, a girl struggling for the in crowd, a beautiful private school, and fashion. I liked fashion before The Clique, but reading this amazing series really enhanced my love for it. This series has helped me through so much, and I couldn’t fathom the end. Also, only making one movie was a horrible thing to do, almost like a tease. I need more movies (AND BOOKS! But I’ll get to that later)! One for each book in the series! If Harry Potter has so many, why not The Clique? And if you’re worried about who would watch it, just know that there will always be me to watch and rave about the movies. The movie was amazing, not as amazing as the books, but definitely close.
    Now, about the MORE BOOKS! thing, I’ll explain. I was so crushed by the end, and I know I can’t cling onto the Pretty Committee forever, but I at least want to know how Massie is coping, plus Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire. Will there be a fifth? And for Massie, her whole life has changed! And I’m totally in the dark. What’s going to happen? Will she move back to Westchester? If you can’t produce any more movies, I at least want more books! I need more books! I hold on to the hope that there will one day be more books, because that would brighten my life in ways that even I couldn’t fathom. All I’m asking is that more books be produced. I’m telling you now, I miss it so much. From Massie and Derrington’s soccer game flirting to Claire’s willingness to always follow Massie’s directions to Dylan’s burps, I miss it all terribly, and the only way to fix this hole in my heart is more more books.
    Please please please please please consider this request. I’m begging you so much for more books. I never want The Clique’s reign to end. Let’s keep it going!
    xo Kamila

  28. Keely13 says:

    I ah-dore your books! I am so glad you made so many books so that the Pretty Committee’s reign is almost never ending! I HART these books! Thx soooo much, Lisi! <3<3<3

  29. Yas Cruz says:

    Can you please consider writing another book kinda like “Charmed and Dangerous” that was before the PC but this time after the PC and how how Massie’s life has been and the rest of the girls too and have them meet in Europe for summer or something. Please consider this I’m POS that I’m not the only one that wants it!! It would be ah-mazing. 😀

  30. hi i am ur #1 fan i have 1,2 and 3 of your monster high books they are voltage!

  31. You should write more monster high books. They were amazing, and there’s so many more characters you could write about along with Melody.

  32. Hello Mrs. Harrison! I read your manga version of the clique novel and just fell in love! I started reading your normal book too and they were just as good! But I was wondering if you’ll make a second version of the manga clique series. Because in love the manga style of the book and I kinda like reading white pictures sometimes so I can get the FULL image of what’s going on in the book. But if you can ma’s the second manga clique book I fully understand. But keep up with the amazing work with your other books!

  33. I am the biggest fan of the clique. I know that it’s not as popular as it use to be, but I got all my friends hooked on it. The clique inspired me to create a story similar to it on Wattpad, called “Perfectly Glossed”. Anyone who still loves the clique could totally check it out. My user is @hey_peypey. I am NOT trying to promote myself, I just thought since there are no new Clique books, somebody might want to read something similar to it. 🙂

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