Here Lies a List of Rejected Graveyard Girls Titles.



Think of the last time you ravaged your closet trying to find the perfect outfit. You tried a million things on. You took a million things off. Each time you whipped a failed piece of clothing across your bedroom, you hated yourself and your tragic wardrobe a little bit more. And then, just as you’re about to roundhouse your mirror…you nail it.

Writing is a lot like that. You try on, you whip off. You try on, you whip off. You try on, you whip off. And then, finally, YAS!

Don’t believe me? Here is the scary-bad list of titles Daniel Kraus and I tried on—and whipped off—before we landed on Graveyard Girls.

Bad Scare Day, Little Bo

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Awkward Stuff: Story of My Life.

Hello Friends and Stalkers,

I come to you today with a spoiler. Sort of. Awkward Stuff, the third book in my Girl Stuff series, comes out Tuesday (7.26), and if you find first-kiss-pacts-gone-horribly-wrong even mildly entertaining, this is the one for you!!





I’m not about to summarize the plot. Plot summarizing is right up there with conversations that begin with, “I had the craziest dream last night.” Suh-noooozer.

What I am going to do is leak the dedication in Awkward Stuff because it sums up the comedy of errors that is my life.


First: Allow me to present the dedication in Crush Stuff, the book that came before Awkward Stuff.

For my crush,

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What Is Your Crush Language?

Hello friends and potential stalkers,

School is out and the sweet smell of SPF is in the air. This means two things:

  1. Some people will not get sunburned.
  2. Summer crush season is AWN!!!

In The Pack, Sadie Samson’s crush on Beak is instant. The moment her inner lion picks up his scent in the woods, she knows he’s the one.

“It was an inviting smell. Sensitive and smart, friendly but serious. It was like a grape scented eraser.”

And Sadie hadn’t even seen him yet!!! (#Pheromones)

When she spots Beak’s sun-bleached hair, ketchup-colored lips, and the c-shaped scar on his cheek–BAM! Sadie feels her attraction.

“He made her insides feel bubbly and animated, like the mist that

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Action Pack’d!

Hey, Packmates!

Claw and Order drops today and it’s action Pack’d!

Hearts are broken, wild girls are tamed into submission (or at least pretend to be), and Sadie is on the verge of being expelled from Charm House. Is starting a cheerleading squad a good way to make Miss Flora give her another chance? Obviously, not. But it’s a great way to spend more time with Beak, her football-player crush. For a little while, at least. Before long, reality returns with a roar, and Sadie, once a mighty pack leader, finds herself frizzy-haired and alone.

Here’s an excerpt of a LONGER EXCERPT :

(Wait, before you get started, is it me, or does the word “excerpt” look Russian right now?)…

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Pack Power!

Even though The Pack series is about a private boarding school for girls with fabulous animal powers, dark secrets, and deep crushes, there’s wayyyy more going on. At least, that’s what I’m starting to realize.

I intended The Pack to be about self-esteem, individuality, and agency. Now, as I’m halfway through writing book 3, it’s become a series about girl power. Not inspiring it, we’ve seen tons of that over the years, but rather, accepting it. Because powerful girls are less accepted than we choose to believe. They are seen as bitchy, controlling, pushy, bossy, rude, self-serving, conceited, and full of themselves.

So what’s a powerful girl to do? Downplay her strengths to fit it? Silence herself to make other …

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The Abandonment Issue


If you have been following my blog, which I referred to as a Blah-g, which is now called a newsletter because blogs and blah-gs are no longer a “thing”, then you probably have abandonment issues.

Yes, I took a massive leave of absence, but to my credit, I’ve been busy.

[Insert me cupping my ear, straining to hear if you’re asking what I’ve been doing.]

[Insert me not hearing you.]

[Insert me realizing that you’re feeling the icy sting of my abandonment.]

[Insert me not blaming you.]

[Insert me hoping that you’ll forgive me once you understand how busy I’ve been.]


In addition to updating this *website*, I’ve been writing three different middle-grade series’: The Pack, …

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Lisi Harrison Talks Middle School Struggles with Author Jen Calonita.

Hello Friends and Stalkers,

Last week I had a very honest conversation with author Jen Calonita about navigating middle school. We talked about our new books, our fantasy do-overs, and how the struggles we had as 12-year-olds haven’t gone away. We also explore my new favorite question: Is it possible for friends to grow up without growing apart?

Well? Is it? What do you think?


xoxo Lisi

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Happy Galentines Day!

Galentine's Day photo



Valentines are so pre-pandemic, am I right? It’s all about Galentines now. You know, those girlfriends who kept you smiling and laughing over the last year without judging you for carb-loading, binge-watching, and wearing the same pair of sweats three days in a row without underwear. Yeah, them.  If you want to show your special gal pal how much you ah-dore her, enter the Girl Stuff Galentine’s Day Sweepstakes for a chance to win two copies of Girl Stuff and a ton of bestie points. You’re welcome.


Happy Galentine’s Day!!!


xoxo Lisi






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Words of Wisdom and a Free Book! You’re Welcome.

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That’s right, my friends. You can win a free copy of Girl Stuff and a ton of bragging rights by entering the giveaway from YA Books Central. Details are at the end of this interview. Yep, you have to slog through my words of wisdom first. You didn’t think I’d make this easy, did you?

YABC:   What gave you the inspiration to write Girl Stuff?

When I began developing this series I had two sons in middle school. I was surrounded by inspiration, growing pains, and serious B.O. (still am.) I realized I didn’t need to create a fantastical world to deliver drama. Puberty is dramatic. Maintaining old friendships while you’re discovering new things is dramatic. Crushes, peer pressure, school …

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