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  1. Caroline says:

    Lisi Harrison,
    I would love to know what the fuck inspired you to write these books for
    young girls. I read every single one in middle school and looking back I realize they were garbage for my mind. They put out the idea that materialism and expensive things make you cool and popular. They glorify bitchy behavior and in no way promoted love towards anyone. I remember thinking I would be respected and feared if only I saved up all my money to buy a Coach purse. It wasn’t until later that I realized that people respect you when you are confident, empowered, and show genuine love for all other people. I can’t imagine what it must be like for the people that never grow out of the petty ideas spread from your books. I am so glad I have now discovered feminism and all the girl love that exists out there. I only wish those ideas would spread to the younger girls, instead of the catty bullshit ideas pf competitiveness and hate reinforced by books like yours and other media. I just want to know what you think you are doing for girls who read your Clique books.

    • Caroline,
      While you make you make some very valid points here, I think it is equally important that we observe the importance of parental guidance. A book series should never be where you learn how to be a young a woman. These books are meant for entertainment purposes, not learning valuable life lessons.
      And while bitchy as she may be Massie did have some great qualities that maybe you should have taken notice of, rather than her money and clothes. Massie was headstrong, and determined, and if her mother and father had found a productive way to focus that energy she’d have been better off.
      The Clique is a clever, witty, and extremely addictive book series, yes. The main character is very ill willed and immature, yes. It focuses on material things a lot, yes. But it is a BOOK, not a guide. It is well written and funny as hell. If what you needed growing up was a role model, you’d been better off reading the Hunger Games or Uglies. Do not harp on Lisi for writing this book, it was not meant to teach girls how to be justified in their self worth. But rather to paint a picture of an extreme situation.
      Again, I get where you’re coming from. I ABSOLUETLY understand what you mean here. But, let’s put blame where it due.

    • ugh i hate it when ppl just go rite out there and say bad words all the time it is so ……ANNOYING AND RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the end.

    • Like really though!!! there is kids on this website doing research projects, they don’t need to see this!!!!! if you have a problem then tell it to yourself. she writes these books because teens like them, shes nawt trying to make little girls think this bad stuff. and again im pretty sure parents wouldn’t allow there children if it was really that bad. Who agrees??

  2. Dear Lisi Harrison I have read every book of the clique and I think there should be another book of the clique this time when Massie goes to England and when Alicia becomes a Alpha and the other’s I want Massie to be the new loser in her school in England I hope you read this well it’s time for me to go! bye!

  3. You go GURL!!

  4. Melanie says:

    Lisi, I absolutley adore the clique, Massie, Leesh, Dylan, Kristen, and of course Claire. I loved Cam and Dempsey and Derrington. Its a amazing book series, The movie was perfect, not like any other movie i have seen. It perfectly imaged the characters!

  5. Lisi,

    I’ve grown up reading The Clique series, but now that I’m older I’ve started to wonder if there will ever be another book concerning the girls at an older stage in life? Would you ever consider writing a novel about Massie going to college? Would the girls eventually end up getting back together? As I grow older it makes me wonder what the Pretty Committee might do in adult situations.

    I would kindly appreciate your thoughts,


    • I get this question a lot and I really don’t have the answer to it. For now, there are no future plans to write another Clique book. I also wonder a lot about what the PC would be up to these days and how they’d handle the different experiences that come with growing up, but I would rather leave the party early on a high note than stay well past my welcome. I’m glad fans are still curious about the PC and wanting more. It means I ended the series at the right time. Hope that helps! xoxo

      • Hey, we all love your books Lisi. You could never, ever stay past your welcome. Like, every girl in our school has read your books or is planning to. You should write another one, or we’re all going to go insane. (Sorry, MORE insane) Lisi, we all love you, and we just hope you know that. Do what you have to, but it would be really nice if what you have to do is write a sequel.

  6. Aubrie Campbell says:

    Hi Lisi! I read the Clique series from sixth grade up until eighth when the last book came out. I recently started to reread them and I’m falling back in love. I met you back in sixth grade when Monster High first came out and I was never more nervous then I was that day. Your books have made such a great impact on my life and they taught me how to be the best person I can be and that I will always be accepted somewhere for who I am. I just watched The Clique and I am so disappointed that there were never any movies for the rest of the series. If you ever want to make more I am more than willing to help you out. Dead series, I would work my butt off to get this project going and I have so many friends in the drama department at my high school that would be willing to be extras! I know so many girls who would love to see their favorite book of the series come to life. Thank you for letting me grow up with such an amazing book series. The Clique will forever live in my heart.

  7. hello Lisi,
    i was wondering if you are ever going to write another book for your Monster High Series. The four books were great and i am dying to read more. i heard about the new series for monster high but i think they are more for younger teens. it would be great if i can hear back from you(:

    thank you

  8. Karri class says:

    Hi Lisi i loved the clique and I was wondering if you made the clique number 2? Thank you

  9. Karri class says:

    I love the monster high series it’s awesome :3

  10. hello, I just wanted you to know how wonderful your books are!! I went to Arizona for a long weekend and finished the whole clique series and then the summer collection, cliqual, and cliqtionary. I also read the alpha academy series and LOVE LOVE LOVED it!! I just wanted you to know how much I love your books, and I really feel you should consider writing another series maybe with one of Dylan’s older sisters, or Massies life in London!


  11. Hey Lisi!

    I don’t know the likelihoods of you reading this or responding but I’ve been a fan of yours since your old website days and your weekly Blah’gs (I used to check them religiously!). This is the first time in awhile I’ve visited your website and there was a little something on my mind that brought me here. Have you ever thought of doing a “grown up” sequel to The Clique? I know there was a sort of “unofficial” ending with the Figment contest a few years back but I guess reading Ann Brashares and Cecily Von Ziegesar’s sequel’s to their teen novels (both of the characters in “Gossip Girl” and “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” had grown up and matured). It was just something I was curious about, the ending to the Clique discreetly hinted at what their future would be like but I always sort of wished you would one day publish your own take how they would transition to adults!

  12. cassidy sanchez says:

    Hi Lisi! I’m a huge fan! And I have a question for you!
    I am in college right now, and for class we were asked to give three books, movies, of tv shows that made up our childhood, and I chose The Clique! Now I elaborated on that and the next question my teacher asked was: “What were the author’s intentions with the text…?” I really don’t know your intentions and I thought it would be ah-mazing if I got your intentions directly from you. I know that you write it to entertain… i think… but I learned from Massie, to be confident and determined and strong-willed.
    My assignment won’t be due until Sunday, September 7, 2014, so please if you read this please respond! It would definitely make my life lol, and most importantly give me a passing grade!!

  13. Kiara Joseph says:

    Dear lisi,
    Lisi you alway give the best advice… So I’m having some boy trouble.
    There is this guy at my school who I have like for a while and I just realized that he and one of my friends have a ‘thing’ going on, he likes her and she likes him. And so I’m trying to move on and there is this other guy in my school who is continuously flirting with me and everyone thinks he likes me. So Like any other teenage girl im following the advice from all the cliche highschool movies where the girl was so obsessed with one guy that she didnt see the perfectly good one standing right in front of her, and I refuse to be one if those girls. So I WOULD totally make a move for it if this guy wasn’t my best friends crush 😁😁😁. WHAT SHOULD I DOOO!!!
    -yours truly,

  14. Hi Lisi! I love your writing, and actually, I’m writing an essay about you! Do you mind giving me info about yourself like your child hood and more! Thank you! I love your ! sincerely, Hannah Velez

  15. I love monster high

  16. Hi,

    Can you write to me?

    My address is :

    Mohamed Shimran
    No.221/B, Kandy Road
    Mawanella 71500
    Sri Lanka

  17. Hi Lisi,
    I’d really really really really (overwhelming ?) like to know what is going to happen to the Monster High series. I’ve been waiting and waiting to know what was going to happen to the totally amazing series which I wish had been around when I was a kid. I need to know if you are going to continue writing more of their stories or not. If I should keep holding out hope for more Monster High books (not the picture Monster High books, I already have those lol) because everyday I see more dolls and movies (seen them all too! the movies I mean) and it’s killing me not knowing. Send me a sign! This Halloween season I would like to know what is going to happen to my favorite series, please please please please!!!! If it’s over (I’ll probably cry, sorry, don’t mean to be dramatic) but its better to know then go around in circles. I’ve read your Clique series and started the Alphas their great too but Monster High takes the top spot in my bookshelves.

    • My dear Maria,

      No more circles for you. I’m ending the cycle here. Without further ado I’m announcing that my Monster High series came to completion with book 4, Back and Deader Than Ever. I wish I could deliver better news for you, but this frees up some of your mental space to give Pretenders a read and see if you connect just as well with a whole new group of characters. I’m working on the third book in the series right now. Hope that helps! xo

  18. Hi Lisi,
    Massie here. Well; the online persona of her anyways! 🙂 I just wanted to say that you have no idea how much your books have inspired me. I, myself, connect to the characters in a lot of different ways- from Massie, the alpha, to Claire! I also luh-v The Alpha Academy series. Instead of rambling awn and awn- I’ll get to the point! I have a question for you. As of now, do you see The Clique or The Alpha series growing? There were rumors about another clique movie but I wasn’t sure. I know they are probably false but I cannot help wanting them to be true! I just love the idea of the PC being grown up and in the real world.
    Thanks so much
    I heart you,
    Massie Block

  19. Came across your series “The Clique” as an adult reader and I have to say they are some of the funniest, most enjoyable books I have read in a long time. I read them whenever I’m feeling stressed out and they are hugely helpful. Thank you.

    • I totally relate to this! I read the series as a kid, owned the entire series, and would re-read all of the books. I have lost several Clique books during my middle school year as, which were always promptly replaced, since they were very prized to me, and the ones that I managed not to lose are worn from being read and re-read so much. I haven’t read the books in several years and am now a senior in college and started to read the entire series over from the beginning. It is so great to revisit such a beloved series, from my own middle school years, during my final year of school. Reading the books absolutely helps me to destress.

      Lisi, thank you for writing The Clique series. I lived having the books when I was younger, and I love revisiting them now. I totally understand if you don’t continue with the series – not everything can last forever, after all, but if you do continue with The Clique in the future, just know your older fans support it, too 🙂

  20. Hey, Lisi!

    I’m the Kathleen who commented a novel back in June. Haha, sorry, I’m just really wordy-slash-descriptive-slash-whatever-you-want-to-call-it.

    But anyways, I would ask for advice, but I kinda gotta snooze (it’s already 23 minutes past and I’m not allowed to be on the Internet as it is so…. O.o

    But I’ll ask tomorrow. Don’t worry, I’ll keep things short and sweet this time. 🙂

    As the late-great Alicia Rivera once said:
    I heart you!

  21. Okay, it’s me again. 😛 Heh-heh, sorry if I’m bugging you.
    You seem to give wide advice, so I’m presenting you with my sticky situation. There’s this guy I’ve known since the eighth grade. We were in the same computer class, and the alphabetical seating assignment placed us right next to eachother. We became really good friends, and yeah, we flirted with eachother (I tell my friends about it and they practically swoon). His flirting freaked me out because, as a military kid, I thought I would move by the end of sophomore year and didn’t want to start going out with someone only to probably never see them again. I attempted to friend-zone him (out of fear of a broken heart), and I have no idea if it worked or not. Semesters changed, and I didn’t see him again until freshman year gym class. After I realized that it was him (because he had gotten more attractive than before over the summer) I was knocked head over heels…again. We don’t talk at all now, mainly because I’m a socially awkward weirdo, and recently we started texting. But even my texts are awkward and I can’t bring myself to speak to him. So…I have no idea what to do. And to make matters worse, his friend Eve asked him to homecoming (he said no, but I still see them walking around school together). Eve talked to one of my friends, who told her (without mentioning my name) that I liked him, and Eve thinks I should ask him out (which I will probably never do because I’m a wimp), but I still feel like she’s trying to make a move on him.

    Ahh, sorry for my love-life-info-overload. But seriously: what should I do, if anything?

  22. Hey, Lisi! From what I’ve read, you seem to give sound advice, and, well, I’m stuck between a big ugly rock and a very, very hard place.
    To sum things up, I still like this guy I met in eighth grade (my friends call it a “creepy crush”) who flirted with me back then but I tried to friend-zone him because I though I would be moving after sophomore year (but my dad lost his job and I didn’t) and I didn’t want to be broken-hearted. He and I only communicate by text (because I’m a socially awkward weirdo), and his friend who’s a girl asked him to homecoming and he said no but they still hang out and I feel like I’m losing him because I have no idea where I stand with him (if I stand anywhere). We used to be best friends, and he started flirting with me (omigosh, he was so cute when he flirted!), but after my friend-zoning-attempt (which I have no idea if it worked or not, and I’m hoping it didn’t), the semesters changed and I didn’t see him again till gym class freshman year. Now we’re juniors, and I started texting him, and he replies, and he claims my texts don’t big him, and I see him walking around with the girl that asked him to homecoming all the time, and I have no idea if he’s dating her or what. One of my friends was talking to her, and the girl said that she’s pretty sure he doesn’t line her and that I should ask him out, but I feel like she’s still trying to make a move on him.

    Basically, my love life is a big complicated mess like when clothes get all tangled and knotted together after an extremely vigorous run through the dryer. I have no idea what to do, and I really need advice from someone who’s not my friends telling me I should ask him out.

    Any valuable input for this confused 16-year-old?

  23. Omigosh I had no idea it posted twice! Sorry!!!!

  24. massienicoleblock says:

    Hey Lisi. 🙂 Is there a way that I can contact you by using E-mail?

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  26. I just started to read the fourth book in the clique series. I just now, am watching the movie and I’ve got to say I am really hopeing for another one. I love this series already. I hate in a book senarios that is not normal but this? This can actually happen to people and it has inspired me. Some people consider me and my friends as “popular” just because we have fun. These books have showed me what other people could think of me and I just want to thank you. I’m really wishing for some more movies to watch with my friends.

  27. Noelle Turner says:

    Dear Lisi,
    First off, you are one of my favorite authors, so yaaaaay! 🙂 🙂 But now it’s time to get serious; I need some advice. I have a little sister named Avril. She’s a freshman and totally preppy, and I’m a junior with an indie/blogger personality. We’re best friends, and we couldn’t be more different. Unfortunately, that creates problems. We like a lot of the same things, but I like some things that she’s not that crazy about (my Fall Out Boy to her Bridget Mendler). And when she decides she doesn’t like something, she oftend developed a prejudice against it. This sucks, because she’s one of my best friends and my sister, and I want to share things with her, but whenever I do, and it turns out to be something she doesn’t like, she treats me like an Loser Beyond Repair for liking it, thus damaging my already fragile self-esteem. How can I share stuff with her when she makes me feel like crap for just being myself?
    Yours truly,
    ~Noelle Turner~

  28. Dear lisi,

    So just being able to write is an ah-mazing….well I absolutely luv your books and nothing makes me feel better than reading them but come awn…the movie can toh-tally be better it didn’t capture what the girls truly are. In my personal opinion the movie (even though still holding the spot for my fav) could use a 2015 improvement…I live on LI and and totally into an acting challenge for I am the PERFECT age(7th grade)I would be honored to play massie I’ve been practicing my comeback😉……..please take this into deep deep deeper than deep consideration, think of it as you maybe “being Rupert” but trust me I’m pretty expierianced…….okay thank you trust this could nawt puh-lease me more. It will be the perfect ehmagawd moment😊💕

    Your truly
    Lizzy (hopefully Massie block)

  29. Cheyenne Morgan says:

    I am on the 9th book in the series Bratfest At Tiffany’s and doing a book project on it where you take a shoebox and create a characters room inside and I would greatly appreciate it if you told me what Massie Blocks bedroom looks like based on the book and its due January 18 2015 send to the email above thanks

  30. katelyn Johnson says:

    Hi ms. Harrison

    Im katelyn I was hoping for some authors opinion on my stories I wanna be a writer I love writing but I need help.

    Love, katelyn

  31. Rachael wright says:

    I honestly adore all of your books you have written and I enjoy reading them over and over again. My favorite book by you is, from the Clique series, “Sealed with a diss” I think this book has a lot of drama in it that I love. your a wonderful writer and I can read your books over and over and never get bored. Keep up your fabulous work, Lisi, you are truly amazing at everything you do.

    Rachael Wright

  32. These books are cool and all so there should totally be another movie. #clique rules

  33. Jasmine says:

    Dear Lisi,
    You are my favorite author. I honestly love each and every one of the clique books. They are so entertaining. Please right more of the clique series! I am begging you. Thank you for your time and I hope you can keep writing more!

  34. Massie Block says:

    Eh ma gawd Lisi !!!!!!!!! This website is fab and you know what else is fab England!!! It’s ahmazing ! I live in a gigantic palace ! Also Leesh,Kuh-laire,Dyl,Kristen and I skype like every day ! I miss them so much. There like baggage but like Louis Vuitton baggage 😊 they will always be my best friends and guess what ! Eh ma gawd u are going to freak when u hear this. THERE COMING TO ENGLAND!!!!!!! For the summer ! I’m so excited !

    Love Massie

    Hi Lisa I just adore the cookbooks

  35. Cristina says:

    Hi Lisa I simply just adore your books. I’m just in love with the clique series. I was hoping that you could make a new clique book I know the series has ended years ago but I just love the book so much and I’m pretty sure everyone would appreciate it too and I know it’s a lot of hard work but I just love these books and they have taught me such an amazing lesson and I’m just not ready to say goodbye the clique is such an amazing series that I’ve helped me throughout my life and help me in so many ways and I just hope that you could just write another book because pretty sure that nobody is ready to say goodbye. As you said in the last block as a note from you you said that maybe the universe is telling you to write another book but you still stuck to your decision and I completely respect that but I just hope you consider on writing just another book. Lisi these books have changed my life and so many ways and I just hope that you’ll be willing to write another book to please not only to me but all the clique fans. I greatly appreciate it if you didn’t write another buck and I know you’re such a talented author that you can do it and write another great clique book. Anyway I love you so much and I hope, you got to read this comment
    Love Cristina

  36. Cristina clique fan says:

    Hi Lisa I simply just adore your books. I’m just in love with the clique series. I was hoping that you could make a new clique book I know the series has ended years ago but I just love the book so much and I’m pretty sure everyone would appreciate it too and I know it’s a lot of hard work but I just love these books and they have taught me such an amazing lesson and I’m just not ready to say goodbye the clique is such an amazing series that I’ve helped me throughout my life and help me in so many ways and I just hope that you could just write another book because pretty sure that nobody is ready to say goodbye. As you said in the last block as a note from you you said that maybe the universe is telling you to write another book but you still stuck to your decision and I completely respect that but I just hope you consider on writing just another book. Lisi these books have changed my life and so many ways and I just hope that you’ll be willing to write another book to please not only to me but all the clique fans. I greatly appreciate it if you didn’t write another buck and I know you’re such a talented author that you can do it and write another great clique book. Anyway I love you so much and I hope, you got to read this comment
    Love Cristina

    Ps I still can’t get over the ending as u can tell

  37. Lily, Caroline & Katie says:

    We love your books and we would also love if you wrote more clique books. 😍Me and my friends Caroline and Katie would love to meet you. 👭By the way my name is Lily. We think you are the best author EVER! 📕We would love to meet you.
    This is Lily Caroline and Katie saying I heart you! 💜

    Your BIGEST fans,
    Lily Katie and Caroline

  38. Hey, Lisi! On the smallest chance you’ll ever read this I’m just going to write it anyway:
    On wordpress there’s a little community of girls that blogs as each of the clique characters (roleplaying). I started this blog in early 2012 and recently stopped this year. In those 3 years I’ve changed so much through writing this blog targeted at preteen girls (even though I started it as one myself). It’s so crazy to look at old posts and see how different I was and how much I’ve grown and how different my morals and ideals are. I think it’s so important that young, influential girls have a positive, confident role model and that’s who I’ve been trying to portray with this blog, while also having some fun and picking up new writing skills. I’ve also met some of the bestest friends I’ve ever had on there who I talk to literally every day, met 2 of them in person and are always there when I need them.
    And the reason I’m writing this at age 16 is to thank you & your books. You’ve honestly affected my life and so many others, even when I was a 13 year old who just needed to know the “popular kids” were just as troubled as I was.

  39. Cristina says:

    I love your site Massiekur!!!! And Lisi reolysnon Her Instagram search her up

  40. Cristina says:

    I love your site Massiekur!!!! And Lisi replys on Her Instagram search her up

  41. Dear Lisi Harrison,
    My name is Kristen and I love your book series the Clique. I can somewhat relate to the girls in the book. My favorite person in the books is Claire Lyons. She really don’t let other people get to her and that’s what I admire most about her. Massie is fierce and she is very strong and that’s why she is my second favorite. You are truly my favorite author and wish you would write more clique novels because they are my favorite.
    Kristen H. of Little field Middle School.

  42. Are you going to make a fifth book for the Alphas series cause I’m in love with this series, I especially like the character Charlie.

  43. Hi Lisi!
    I was just wondering if you were going to make a second movie of the clique. I have been waiting, and waiting for it. And maybe instead of just doing Best Friends For Never you could have people poll for what book they want made as a movie. I was hoping you could make the prequel as a movie, that would be ah-mazing. Sorry to bother, I was just wondering.


  44. Hello Lisi!
    How would you feel about a ghostwriter novel? Just a silly quick question, as I would love the opportunity xx

  45. Priyanka says:

    Hey Lisi I would love to know really what inspired you to write your books.

  46. monisha says:

    Will there ever be a second clique movie

  47. Lisi,
    I know you’ve probably heard this a million times, but you’ve truly been an inspiration to me. I started reading The Clique series in sixth grade and I haven’t stopped ever since. I am now a high school graduate and I enjoy your books just as much now as I did then. A few years ago, I sent a letter to you through snail mail. I wasn’t really expecting anything back, but I was hoping. I can’t tell you how much joy you gave me when I saw a letter from you in the mailbox. That’s a moment I’ll never forget. Lisi, through the years I’ve definitely read my share of books, but nothing affected me the way the Clique series did. Even though there aren’t any new books coming out in the series (not gonna lie its kind of a bummer) I’m always happy when I can go back and experience everything with the Pretty Committee again.

  48. Will there be a 3rd Pretenders

  49. Hi! I’m going to 7th grade, and I love your books and what if someone else continued your series for you. Cause my friend and i are obsessed with the clique series and wrote a book continuing your series when massie is in england and leesh is the new alpha at OCD. We’re wondering if you would be ok with that, even though we already wrote the book, and it’s almost done.

  50. Priscilla Fonte says:

    I love your book the pretenders it is absolutely amazing I love how at the end the story kind of blows up in all their faces honistley I didn’t expect the ending but I loved it and I have a question on the cover of the book their are the five main characters so who is who I can tell who Duffy and jagger are but I can tell the girls also what you did with the acknowledgment was pure genuis it has inspired me to right a book and have close to the same acknowledgment anyway I loved the book great work and I am excited to read the other books you have wrote

    • Thank you, Priscilla!!! So glad you appreciated the surprise twist. 😉 On the cover from left to right, this is who I think the characters are (I didn’t create the cover so my guess is as good as yours): Lily, Duffy, Sheridan, Jagger, Vanessa.

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