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  1. Ahhh how can I find out more about the Phoenix Five?

  2. ikr really want to read the phoenix 5 sounds sooooooo good

  3. Hi I ❤ ur books

  4. Soooo these Books r like so amazing!!!!!

  5. hi lisi! i have read all of your clique books in, like, a month. i have always loved to read, but it just, like , made m e want to crave reading! thank you for a re-discovered passion. i, recently, have read all the saarh dessen books and i reccomend them to readers of lisi harrison. i also reccomend pretty little liars (read the first book a couple days ago) and gossip girl (just finished book 6). also, i like the author meg cabot. keep writing!

  6. why didnt the make moe cllique movies???? the frist one was funny “i didnt know the try outs for peter pan were today!” says massie with mock enthusiasm,”hope you get the part!!!” lol

    • omg! me2! the clique movies were hilarious they should totally make more. “loser loser double loser whatever as if get the picture duh” . omg massie is such a diva!!!!lol 🙂 funny

      • awesome girl says:

        in love with the clique they should also make an alpha movie! lol awesome. but the last book of the clique made me cry 😦 i will miss massie ………Oh well!!!!! 🙂

    • Amy Cook says:

      Are there not going to be anymore Clique movies!?!? Where are all the movies for girls today!?

    • YouRMySunshine says:

      thats my fave part 2!!! totes hilar!! i want there to be a dial l 4 loser movie! thoughts?

    • Mary jane says:

      Yes! Please make another movie! I luved the 1st 1. 🙂

  7. gah! i fail at typing sometimes! *more *first

  8. Christine Vert says:

    Hi any other books that r like the clique? Im kinda running out of ideas! Help!

  9. Can you make a second movie for the clique?

    • Lisi isn’t in charge of making another movie. She didn’t make the first one. That was a Tyra Banks directed film by Alloy Entertainment. Go ask them about making another movie. Authors have little to NO input about the movie adaptations of their books. Sorry, but you’re asking the wrong person. Go ask Tyra or Alloy, NAWT Lisi.

  10. Absolutely am in Love with the Clique Series. The complete book series and movies are a definate christmas present!

  11. when is the fiftth monster high book comeing out?

    i need to know my friend loves the series and so do i.

  12. I’m starting to read the clique!!!! I love it! Ur such a good writer! But then on the back of da book it says ” go to my website to take quizzes.” I can’t find da quizzes.

  13. heart your books you should ask people to make a tv show about the clique if you can i would like to try out massie or alicia

  14. I’ve heard that the second movie was coming out in 2010!! Now, it’s almost 2013, and I’ve been very patience! I mean, wouldn’t you be mad that a book series that deserves to have a movie doesn’t get a movie?! I’ve read all of “The Clique” books, the first three books in “Monster High”, and I was going to start reading the “Alphas” series! Please, for the sake of your fans, make a movie for your second book in your Clique series, “Best Friends For Never”! And I also agree with rosalina (her comment is above mine.)! You should totally make a t.v. show for the clique. Every cool girl would watch it because it provides good advice on boys and how to survive middle school!!

    • Um, not to burst your bubble or anything, but Lisi doesn’t really have any say if they make another movie or not. And chances are, that since the actor’s are older, and the first movie didn’t do that amazing(money-wise I mean, I personally loved it 😉 ), they probably won’t make a second one.
      (Again, not trying to be rude or anything. Just wanted to let you know to not get your hopes up.)


  16. hi! i love your books! espessially the clique series. but yall deserve to make a second movie!

  17. Hey, Lisi… I’m actually gonna ask you that when R U coming to Malaysia? I hope U can come to my school…. I want you to teach me public speaking and storytelling….

  18. lovesbooks5789 says:

    I’m doing a report on u this site is really helping(:

  19. Awesome MAYZ says:

    where is the clique test?????I WANT TO KNOW WHO I AM!!!1

  20. Awesome MAYZ says:

    You shoul totally come to VVI (Valley View Intermediate) in craighead county AR AND MAKE AN AWESOME SPEECH!!!

  21. I really like the one with the lace-like material with the peep holes in it

  22. laynerox says:

    I find it interesting that OCD also stands for ”Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder”. Just to let you know. I thought it was funny. BTW,I heart the clique. Nawt to seem redundant [I know you’ve heard that like a billion times and are prahbably tired of hearing it.]

  23. ohemge. i AH-dore the clique series and im really inspired by your writing i am a inspired young author myself and have written many stories and won a few awards but i continue being inspired by your total funny and touching books i am currently in middle school and your books couldnt be more true lol (:

  24. #1Cliquefannn says:

    Hi ❤ your books is their going to be a second clique movie?

  25. I know you already found people to play in the clique but I think it’s better to have mid-proffesionals and prosffesionals because people without experience may need a little practice. Sorry,people who wanted to be one of the girls or guys!!!!But,if you really loved the books and movies(soooo siked) you would let Lisi continue doing a faboo job!!!!;););):):):)

  26. they should totally make a 2nd movie the 1st was sooo good!!!!!!!!!!!! I love The Clique so much I wonder what the 2nd movie would be like if Tyra Banks were to make a 2nd movie! “Loser,loser whatever as if get the picture duh” Hilar!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  27. Love it.

    Please visit my blog, Style and travel from around the world!

    • I ah-bsolutely double dog hart this series! I wrote a scrit like this for extra credit and I’m gonna get to act it out! XD

  28. Monicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    Are you gunna make anotha Clique movie? Puh-lease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. samantha says:

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeee make another clique movie!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Kerri Murphy says:

    Where did you get your awesome sleeveless draped arm hole green top that you wore in the May 2015 Better Homes & Garden shoot? Loved your modern with natural elements home!

  31. Great internet site! It looks extremely good! Keep up the good job!

  32. Hi Lisi! The clique series is my favorite series and I just finished buying the entire collection, including all 4 alphas (btw best spin off series ever). Several times I had dreams there was another book after “a tale of two pretties” about 5 years in the future where Massie is still in England. Would you be willing to write another one?? I’m dying to see how it all turns out with Claire and Cam, Massie and James, and how everything turned out in general! Please consider this I would be eternally grateful !

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