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Guest Post on the Office Elf Blog

Hi everyone. As you know, Lisi has been stuck in her writing cave for many months now, and since hitting her 12.1 deadline for Pretenders: License to Spill, she’s finally able to get some fresh air, stretch her legs a bit and remember what it’s like to be human. She is away today spending quality time with family, but will return next week with her usual post. She has asked me to guest blog for her, so click the wifi signal or pizza slice below to re-direct to the Office Elf blog. Happy Holidays everybody.



Alisha, certified Office Elf…

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Yay! First Post!

More specifically: first post on the Office Elf blog!

You can find it at, or just click on the highlighted link above.

See you all over there soon. :]


Alisha, Office Elf

Lisi will be back next Wednesday, don’t fret.

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