California, Here I Come

It’s awn my friends!! I’m hitting the road this week with a fresh pen and a fading tan to spread the word about Pretenders. I’ll tell you all about the new series, I’ll sign, I’ll pose, I’ll say inappropriate things by accident, give away SWAP bracelets, Pretenders pens, and oodles of love.

Got homework? Pretend it’s done. #Wearepretenders

Got practice? Pretend you have cramps. #Wearepretenders

Got no ride? Pretend you have to buy an important book for school (#Wearepretenders) and tell the most gullible licensed driver you know to take you to…

Tuesday, October 15th

Barnes & Noble

7881 Edinger Ave.

Huntington Beach, CA

7pm – 9pm

Wednesday, October 16

Mrs. Nelsons Toy and Book Shop

1030 Bonita Ave.

La Verne, CA

5pm – 7pm

I can’t wait to see you!!




  1. come back to Massachusetts! preferably around Boston!

  2. That sounds so cool!!
    Are you going to leave the US though?

  3. Lisi, can u PUH-LEAASE come to Glenview,IL, please? I’ve read all ur clique and Monster High books they’re so good,but pls come to Glenview,IL and give out SWAP bracelets and signed Pretenders books out cuz A lot of children in Glenview read and if u ever come pls visit the Glenview Public Library p.s it’s a pretty big library

  4. When are you coming to the San Francisco Area, preferably around Sonoma or Napa? =D

  5. Comee to NY! please

  6. Lisi you should really do a book signing at the Barns & Noble at the Grove in Los Angeles!!!

  7. I totally wished I lived in Cali!!!! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet you. The Clique got me through middle school, LOL. But seriously haha

  8. You totally left me hanging at the end of pretenders! Cliff hanger much i need to know when the second book comes out and maybe a super secret sneak peek???

  9. CaptainLate hates all of this.

  10. is a Pretender.

  11. Wooo! I just unwrapped all my birthday presents and found Pretenders 😀

  12. NAWWWWWWWWW. Make this advice applicable to moi! Please come to Australia. To Melbourne. Pretty pretty please.

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