The Fashion Channel: A Pretenders Guide to Fashion Trends

Forgive me for prying but:

Do you have a flair for drama? Do you turn to celebrities and fashion mags for inspiration? If at first you don’t succeed do you try-try again?

Yes? That’s you? Well then, your Pretender Personality is Sheridan. You like to channel different personas to fit your mood and agenda, which makes fashion one of your greatest assets. Wearing a fab outfit will give you confidence to talk to that crush, ace that test, or sweet-talk your parents into lifting that embarrassing curfew. So if you’re updating your costume closet and eager to trend like #AmericanHorrorStory, add the following five things to cart.


Channel Katy Perry and ROAR with leopard print.


Channel Dorothy and get yourself to Emerald City. This shade is the Pantone color of the year so find a way to get wicked.


Channel someone who doesn’t care about outdated fashion rules–or ill-fitting men’s shoes–and wear white after Labor Day. When I say Betty you say White! Betty, _____! Betty, ______!


Motorcycle vests are to motorcycles what salad dressing is to salad–THE BEST PART.  If you really want to look like a bad-threeletterwordfordonkey strap a helmet to your purse. Just sayin’ #wearepretenders


Motorcycle vests are to motorcycles what salad dressing is to salad what boyfriend jeans are to boyfriends…

’nuff said.




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