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Boobs, Bucks, and Cigarette Butts: What I learned from a 1970s magazine.

This morning, while trying to procrastinate, I perused the magazines I used to research the flashback scenes in The Dirty Book Club. And, wow! Same game, different rules. Some better, others not so much…


1) Swimsuit models didn’t buy boobs. Flat was where it was at and that’s much sexier if you ask me. I am wondering what that pepperoni-shaped object is on her chest, though. If only sunscreen had a stronger presence in the 70s.


2) $1 was taken seriously. The value of books was not.


3) That $1 had more “nutrition” than everything in this picture combined.


4) Photos weren’t shopped. Model’s faces moved when they smiled. Pores and facial elasticity were socially acceptable.


5) This cigarette ad …

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Ten Things You’d Never Know About The Dirty Book Club Unless I Told You.


  1. I got a lot of information for Chapter One from this archived copy of Ladies’ Home Journal, June 1961. It cost 35 cents on the stands. I paid $17.00
  2. The fictional book, Prim: A Modern Woman’s Guide To Manners was inspired by Emily Post’s, On Etiquette. Its fictional author, Alice Eden, is a nod to, well, me. My full name is Elyse Eden Harrison.
  3. Pg. 74—M.J.’s garlic bread debacle was literally torn from a page of my life. The restaurant was Gina’s (Laguna Beach) and I was busted after the first bite.
  4. Pg. 77— Daphne Bic was the name of my grandmother’s nemesis. She swears this woman tried to seduce my grandfather while he was serving in the Canadian
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