Ten Things You’d Never Know About The Dirty Book Club Unless I Told You.


  1. I got a lot of information for Chapter One from this archived copy of Ladies’ Home Journal, June 1961. It cost 35 cents on the stands. I paid $17.00
  2. The fictional book, Prim: A Modern Woman’s Guide To Manners was inspired by Emily Post’s, On Etiquette. Its fictional author, Alice Eden, is a nod to, well, me. My full name is Elyse Eden Harrison.
  3. Pg. 74—M.J.’s garlic bread debacle was literally torn from a page of my life. The restaurant was Gina’s (Laguna Beach) and I was busted after the first bite.
  4. Pg. 77— Daphne Bic was the name of my grandmother’s nemesis. She swears this woman tried to seduce my grandfather while he was serving in the Canadian Army. Yes, Canada has an army.
  5. P. 159-165 breaks a major writing rule. M.J. is my only P.O.V. character and in this sequence I get into all of the characters’ heads. I’d do it all over again if I could because this vibrator montage was seriously fun to write. (My dad was not pleased).
  6. P. 174— I cried while writing Dotty’s letter. There’s a lot in there that I can relate to.
  7. P.190— Though I’ve never had this particular drunk text exchange, it feels very real to me. Also, I started using the term ‘iJacked’ in 2008 and it never caught on so I’m pushing it here.
  8. Bottom of page P. 225-230 cracked me up more than anything else in this book. It’s weird making yourself laugh, but the part about “Destiny’s dad” get’s me every time, as does the last sentence on page 230.
  9. Locations and their Inspirations: Pearl Beach is Laguna Beach. The Majestic Resort and Spa is The Montage Resort and Spa. The Rooftop Bar is The Rooftop Bar. The Marker is The  Sandpiper Lounge. The Good Book bookstore is entirely made up but it should exist.
  10. The last paragraph on P. 313 about going out into the world also made me cry. I didn’t get out much between 2013-2017.

xoxo Lisi


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