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Here Lies a List of Rejected Graveyard Girls Titles.



Think of the last time you ravaged your closet trying to find the perfect outfit. You tried a million things on. You took a million things off. Each time you whipped a failed piece of clothing across your bedroom, you hated yourself and your tragic wardrobe a little bit more. And then, just as you’re about to roundhouse your mirror…you nail it.

Writing is a lot like that. You try on, you whip off. You try on, you whip off. You try on, you whip off. And then, finally, YAS!

Don’t believe me? Here is the scary-bad list of titles Daniel Kraus and I tried on—and whipped off—before we landed on Graveyard Girls.

Bad Scare Day, Little Bo

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The Abandonment Issue


If you have been following my blog, which I referred to as a Blah-g, which is now called a newsletter because blogs and blah-gs are no longer a “thing”, then you probably have abandonment issues.

Yes, I took a massive leave of absence, but to my credit, I’ve been busy.

[Insert me cupping my ear, straining to hear if you’re asking what I’ve been doing.]

[Insert me not hearing you.]

[Insert me realizing that you’re feeling the icy sting of my abandonment.]

[Insert me not blaming you.]

[Insert me hoping that you’ll forgive me once you understand how busy I’ve been.]


In addition to updating this *website*, I’ve been writing three different middle-grade series’: The Pack, …

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