Here Lies a List of Rejected Graveyard Girls Titles.



Think of the last time you ravaged your closet trying to find the perfect outfit. You tried a million things on. You took a million things off. Each time you whipped a failed piece of clothing across your bedroom, you hated yourself and your tragic wardrobe a little bit more. And then, just as you’re about to roundhouse your mirror…you nail it.

Writing is a lot like that. You try on, you whip off. You try on, you whip off. You try on, you whip off. And then, finally, YAS!

Don’t believe me? Here is the scary-bad list of titles Daniel Kraus and I tried on—and whipped off—before we landed on Graveyard Girls.

Bad Scare Day, Little Bo Creeps, The She-mons, Ghouls’ Night Out, Silent But Deadly, The Ghostest with the Mostest, The Exor-sisters, The Fear-leaders, Fright Bulbs, 

Fright Light, Night Frights, All-Frighter, Saturday Fright Live, Fright as a Feather, The Sick Clique, The Sin Sisters, SpongeBob Scare Pants.

Like most things in life, getting it right the first time is rare, but each failed attempt gets you one step closer to where you want to be. And when you finally nail it, you can look back on your graveyard of failures and cringe with the rest of us. Welcome to humanity.

xoxo Lisi

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