Calling All Cliques

Claire is not excused

Massie Block doesn't speak loser

It comes with being a writer, or human, I guess. Some people get me, some don’t. Thank Gawd for those, like Alex, who do.

(Foul language has been censored for your reading pleasure)

Caroline says:

Lisi Harrison,
I would love to know what the f$*& inspired you to write these books for young girls. I read every single one in middle school and looking back I realize they were garbage for my mind. They put out the idea that materialism and expensive things make you cool and popular. They glorify bitchy behavior and in no way promoted love towards anyone. I remember thinking I would be respected and feared if only I saved up all my money to buy a Coach purse. It wasn’t until later that I realized that people respect you when you are confident, empowered, and show genuine love for all other people. I can’t imagine what it must be like for the people that never grow out of the petty ideas spread from your books. I am so glad I have now discovered feminism and all the girl love that exists out there. I only wish those ideas would spread to the younger girls, instead of the catty bulls#*& ideas pf competitiveness and hate reinforced by books like yours and other media. I just want to know what you think you are doing for girls who read your Clique books.

Here’s what Alex said in response:

Alex says:

While you make some very valid points here, I think it is equally important that we observe the importance of parental guidance. A book series should never be where you learn how to be a young a woman. These books are meant for entertainment purposes, not learning valuable life lessons.
And while bitchy as she may be Massie did have some great qualities that maybe you should have taken notice of, rather than her money and clothes. Massie was headstrong, and determined, and if her mother and father had found a productive way to focus that energy she’d have been better off.
The Clique is a clever, witty, and extremely addictive book series, yes. The main character is very ill willed and immature, yes. It focuses on material things a lot, yes. But it is a BOOK, not a guide. It is well written and funny as hell. If what you needed growing up was a role model, you’d been better off reading the Hunger Games or Uglies. Do not harp on Lisi for writing this book, it was not meant to teach girls how to be justified in their self worth. But rather to paint a picture of an extreme situation.
Again, I get where you’re coming from. I ABSOLUETLY understand what you mean here. But, let’s put blame where it due.


I ah-dore Alex’s reply. She kept it classy, articulated her point of view, and did it in a respectful way. This is a moment when I’m so proud of the Clique fans who read my books and stand by their central messages.

My point in writing the Clique was not to glorify hate and competitiveness and superficiality among girls, as Caroline said. Rather to satirize it and show what real strength is though characters like Claire and Layne.

And I feel compelled to mention that not a single one of my 31 books uses the f-word, bs, or bitchy so I can’t take all the credit for Caroline’s outpouring of “girl love.’ Instead of me spelling it out, I’d love to hear what all the Clique fans reading this right now have to say.


Tweet what you learned from the series to @LisiHarrison #CliqueLessons. I’m looking forward to reading your tweets!





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  • Nana 💖 says:

    I can’t believe that some people can be so RUDE and VULGAR. If you don’t like something, keep it to yourself. I find it extremely rude that this person Caroline would express herself so badly of a great book series that almost everyone ah-dores. (We should read these books in class instead of boring ol’ classics! Sorry, but we all know how to survive in the wild already thx to GPS.)
    P.S I’ve been reading some of the blog posts and have found out about a return of the Clique? I will wait excitedly for this book and will buy it immediately as soon as it comes out!!! 😄😄😄

  • Dani says:

    Okay so I love these books so much!

  • Katrena Campbell says:

    I don’t have twitter. *NEVER LOSE YOUR COOL IN PUBLIC!!!!! * #CliqueLessons

  • Serena says:

    🙏Preach, Alex Preach🙏

  • Kathy says:

    If people don’t like you for who you are, they’re not right for you. Don’t ever change to suit them.
    Wit and wisdom can take you a long way.
    Never loose sight of the people who really matter to you.


  • Olivia Proehl says:

    I grew up reading them in seventh grade then I got my niece into reading them but she stopped reading them. I know what it’s like to be bullied truly I do. But the girls in the Pretty Committee have nailed it. Massie is the one that I inspire to be. I love to roleplay as her and I love to be in charge of Alicia, Dylan, Kristen and Claire. I love your books so much Lisi. I do read them over and over again. I’m on book 3 right now Revenge of the Wannabes. Wish you could of made more

  • Kaitlyn says:

    I love the clique books. They are the first books that I was ever really excited about reading. They are funny, entertaining and memorable. I fell in love with Massie Block on the first paragraph of the first page of the first book. I agree yes that they do talk about material things a lot but that isn’t the point of the books. I learned so many things from those books I learned about determination and self confidence, I learned that even the pretty popular girl with all the friends has the same insecurities that I do, I learned what a real friend is and what one isn’t. I admire Massie, even still at 18 years old for her confidence and determination. Five years later I can still relate to Dylan and feeling insecure about weight and I relate to with wanting to have friends and wanting to fit in. I recommended the Clique books (and Alphas and Pretenders and Monster High) any chance I get.

  • Rhea says:

    Preach it, alex

  • Jessica says:

    Doesn’t Claire mention Bitch once though?

    • Lydia says:

      ” ‘I was just wondering,’ Claire said. ‘Are you a female dog?’
      ” ‘What?’ Massie asked. ‘Why?’
      ” ‘Because you’re acting like a real bitch!'”

      That is a direct quote from the first Clique book, page 56. So, yes. In one out of 31 of your books, Lisi, you have used the noun form of “bitchy”. Just sayin…

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