Hola! My body is back from Mexico but my brain has missed the connecting flight. This has been a week of nothing but Thursdays for me and I’m not sure why. Monday I was acting like it was Thursday. Yesterday? I made a dinner reservation for “tomorrow” thinking it was Friday. And today I showed up at a meeting that is scheduled for tomorrow–Thursday! Wishful thinking or permanent damage from my attempt to surf? Unclear. But it was worth it because I had a blast.

I hope you liked the pictures I Tweeted. Those are the only (appropriate) ones I had on my phone. The rest will trickle in as everyone uploads their cameras so I will share more as they come.

While I was away Office Elf Alisha did an ah-mazing job keeping things moving. Thank you for Blah-gging and for posting the cover of PRETENDERS. What do you think of the official name? After considering thousands, PRETENDERS was the clear winner. And it only took 11 months. (Gulp). More proof that writing is a “process.”

Developing, drafting, redrafting, deleting, loving, hating, loving again, editing… you really have to adore the ACT of writing because that’s what this is really about. The ACT. Once the piece is complete you are no longer writing it. It’s done. You have birthed the baby and the rush is gone.

Do you love your baby? Too bad. It doesn’t belong to you anymore. It belongs to the reader now. She may love it, she may hate it. She may think it’s meh. The only part of it that was yours and yours alone was the process. This applies to all artists, not just writers. It takes a lot of patience and passion to succeed because as every artist knows there are hundreds of no’s for every yes.

Don’t believe me? Look at these early versions of the book cover.

LTS cover#1            LTS2

LTS3        Pretenders ARC cover

While they are no where close to being as fab as the final we never would have ended up here without them. So here’s to all of our rejects. Thank you for sucking. Without you the winners wouldn’t be possible.

Happy Thursday!




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