Photographic Memory

Two amazing things happened last week while I was visiting my family in Toronto. Okay, I’m lying. So many amazing things happened because I spent an entire week with my bloods and we crack each other up. And since I’m (RHYME ALERT) no longer in their faces on a daily basis they appreciate my humor (humour) a lot more than they used which is good for the old confidence.

But two things stood out as Blah-g-worthy.

One is this picture I found. It’s my family the day I graduated Emerson College. Em er some serious glares from the flash but try to look past that.


At the time I had no idea I’d be a writer. No idea printed photographs would become obsolete. No idea what I’d do the next day to pay my rent.

There’s something creepy and empowering about looking back on this picture now that I know how my story has evolved. How the world has evolved. How my hair has evolved.

We returned to Laguna Beach on Monday and went straight to Sapphire, our favorite local restaurant. As the hostess, an ah-dorable girl named Natalie, led us to the table (the best one–thx Natalie!!) she said she recently reread the first Clique book. It came out when she was nine. She is nineteen now. Ten years!!! Seriously?? How did that happen? I am about to release my 30th book.

I want to slip into that old photograph (is there an app for that?) and grab the bottle of champagne from unemployed Lisi’s monkey paw. At that moment she was broke, financially cut off from her parents, using an electric typewriter (no spell check!!). I want to pop the cork and pour us a glass and say, “We’ve come a long way, baby!”

Which brings me to the second amazing thing. The Pretenders groundhog poked her head out of the Canadian soil last week and you know what that means… Pretender’s season is starting early this year!!!!!!!!!

Everyone at Little Brown is so pumped about the series they have changed the release date. It’s not longer 10.15. It’s now OCTOBER 1st. Erin my editor/groundhog called last week to tell me the news. By the time we hung up** the phone I felt like I had done an hour of cardio. That’s how pumped my internal organs were.

We released a (RHYME ALERT) sneak peek last week of chapter one on but that is soooo last week. This week you can get an ebook free preview available wherever ebooks are sold! So grab your nook, your kindle, your iPad, your Ouija Board, and sneak that peek. You’re so worth it.

Let me know ASAP who your favorite Pretender is and which boy you’d rather watch a horror movie with.

Talk to me!!!



** I just realized how unfit that expression is for 2013. Phones don’t “hang up” any more. Calls end. Gawd English language…keep up, will ya?


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