Raging Glitch

Did you miss the NOVL Summer Soiree Spreecast last week? Yep, me too. Tech support tried for over an hour to get me on so I could answer your questions and dish on License to Spill (June 24) but I was a Spreecast outcast and we never got to hang.
Well, if you honestly think a glitch is going to stop me from answering your questions, there’s an even bigger glitch that needs dealing with and it’s your faith in me. No way I’m going to pass up an opportunity to answer your questions. NO! WAY! Ask me anything about anything on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or in a comment here on the Blah-g. I’ll personally answer all of your questions by video and post them on Pub Day (Tuesday the 24th). Maybe sooner if it’s a time sensitive matter.
Annnnnd, I will randomly pick one lucky asker to win a signed copy of Pretenders and License to Spill.
License to Spill

Your view.

My view. (Will be your view soon.)

My view. (This will be your view soon too.)

You may want to start by asking why my thumb is so red in that picture.


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  • Amber says:

    Will there be a 3rd book in the Pretenders series please say yes pretty please

  • Colette says:

    How does your process with your editor work? How much say do you have on creating the Pretenders series’ covers? (I love the covers by the way!)

  • Following your blah-g, Lisi! You are my role model and my life-long idol! I heart you!

    ♥︎ Alicia

  • Lisi! I have a question for you, if Massie Block could make a blog what would be in it? I would really love to hear what you have to say. Because you are original and my idol. Love you Lisi. Kisses


  • Jessica P says:

    If you could go anywhere at all, where would you go?

  • Jessica P says:

    What inspires you to write

  • Jannette Nguyen says:

    My questions for your fantastic Q&A (all about the Pretenders series)

    1. What are some of Vanessa’s specific goals for the future? Like what college does she want to go to? What kind of job does she want to have?

    2. What are some lessons that you want your reader to get from reading this series? Did you put some things in there that you want u to know from your past teen mistakes?

    3. What would each of the character’s favorite books to read?

    4. Did you have a soundtrack playing through your head that helped you write the series? If not, what songs would you have liked to be the series soundtrack?

    5. Teens right now are living in a fear filled world with worrying about getting in and paying for college tuition, finding a stable job, etc. Tell us some specific times in your life when you had to deal with your fears and how it can inspire us as young people.

    6. What are the character’s favorite foods?

    7. Will you ever make anything sort of like the cliquetionary but for Pretenders? Like telling us a ton of fun facts about the characters and have them tell us stories about their lives and how to survive Nobel High, etc?

    8. Were these characters based or inspired by anyone?

    9. Will you ever create a fun character quiz based on the series?

    Thanks so much Lisi!! I fell completely in love with the book and wrote an anonymous review for it on Barnes and Noble that, I have to say, was quite brilliant and beautiful! Just trying to spread the word!!!

  • Lisi, I just found out that Massie Block’s birthday is practically in one month. If you could, what birthday gift would you buy Massie?
    Just asking!
    Pretenders note: I pretend to be Claire on WordPress.

  • Kaelan says:

    I love all of your books I have read them all about 20 times whenever someone asks me what they should read i always tell them to read on of your books. Anyways my question for you is why did u choose to write the types of books you did and how did you come up with the names for all the characters?

  • Jacinda Hustoft says:

    I don’t know if we are supposed to ask a question about you or about License to Spill. So, I will ask some of each.

    To you, did you originally want to be an author, or did you want to be something else but then found your true passion for writing along the way? If you didn’t originally want to be an author, what did you want to be? Also why do you write (not in like a ‘OMG you suck why do you write’ kind of way, but more of a ‘OMG you rock and I kind of love you and I love work and I really want to know what your inspiration is and the reason you do what you do kind of way’. Okay? Okay.) Just a few more question to get to know the real Lisi:

    What’s the meaning of life?
    Do frogs have ears?
    What would you want to be written on your tombstone?
    What do you label yourself as?
    What saying do you use a lot?
    Favorite singer/artist/band?
    If you had to choose between a millions bucks and being able to fly, which would you choose?
    What was the last song you listened to?

    Now about the book.
    How many books do you plan on writing? Where do you do most of your writing? Will anyone die in this book because I need to know for emotional reasons (I already have too many dead characters.) Where did you come up with the idea for The Pretenders? Would you ever thinking about having a reader’s conference where you talk about The Pretenders and License to Spill somewhere in Minnesota, because I live in MN and I would love some writing tips.

    One last note from a fellow Pretender.
    I pretend that I’m okay but in all reality I’m not. I can’t do anything right and I’m not good at anything. That’s why I read. I also pretend that what people say doesn’t hurt me, I play it off and joke about it but in reality it hurts and I take it personally and I think about it later and how I wish I could just stand up for myself but I just keep Pretending.

  • Adia says:

    After being hugely popular with the clique and monster high, do you feel a lot of pressure to make the pretenders series just as much of a hit as your past books?

  • Jordan says:

    Which character’s mind is the hardest to get into and write from his/her POV? Which is the easiest? How do you push through and keep writing the slower sections in a book?

  • Rebecca says:

    If Pretenders was a movie, who would you choose to play each character?

  • kastasia says:

    My question:

    Well, this is a bit more of an advicey/tips question, so bare with me. I like, no, LOVE to write stories and such, and I never really know if my writing is at a good type of level. The Clique and Alphas inspired one of my books, The Flower Petals, one of my ongoing stories, and I put a lot of effort into trying to tune into their frame of minds and even use NET-A-PORTER to catch up with todays latest fashions. But I don’t know if it’s any good! Mostly my friends comment, and they say it’s good, but they’re my friends. So if you can, could you check it out and see if it has potential?

    By the way, why IS your thumb red???

  • lorenecker says:

    My questions:
    Do you remember me? And how did I miss this chapter in your life?
    Loren Ecker

  • MAYa says:

    My question:
    Which of the Pretenders did you relate to most while you were writing? Do you have any specific favourite (maybe one girl and one guy?) Which could you relate to the least?
    Sorry if they sound repetitive 🙂
    Great post as always!
    ~ Maya

  • Gustavo says:

    Will there be a clue of who published all the diaries? I NEED TO KNOW! My guess is Vanessa.

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