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License to Spill

It’s been less than a month since Pub Day and I ah-dore all the positive feedback on the second installment of the Pretenders series. If it’s more you want check out this page. It has a preview of License to Spill plus journal entries called “spilled secrets” for Lily, Vanessa, Jagger, Sheridan, and Duffy.

License to Spill

License to Spill License to Spill


I’m starting book 3 and want to know what you think so far. Who’s X Phonie? Did you catch my clues? Who has the strongest motive for spilling these secrets? Come on… spill it!




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  • Kirsten Walker says:

    I love this series so much. I think Vanessa, Lily, or Sheridan is X. They seem to have the biggest motives. Jagger could be X, but I don’t think he would want to expose himself. Duffy seems too oblivious and confused about everything. I can’t wait for book 3!!! Is it coming out soon?

  • Hunida says:

    Just finished reading both Pretenders and License to Spill in one day each! I loved them! I think Lily might be “X”, she seems the most honest and if she read all of the others’ entries she may be upset on how fake everyone else is. Can’t wait for the 3rd one!! I would love an email or some type of notification when it hits the stores, please!

  • Katrena Campbell says:

    Book 3?!

  • Jannette Nguyen says:

    I was thinking that the biggest motives for Jagger wanting to expose everyone’s secrets is because 1. He wants Audri to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so (just guessing here into the future) he goes and tells her, she thinks he is a fake so to prove his love for her he will humiliate himself and expose his secrets. 2. He goes ahead and exposes the phoenix 5’s secrets because he is so done with everyone lying and covering up who they are so maybe he either wants them to come clean and be who they are by releasing their secrets or (maybe maybe maybe) he wants to show audri that he is not the only one with massive lies.

    lilly: she seems to be living the life right now and so dont know for sure

    vanessa: ooohhh definitely breaking down yet wanting to cover all of her mistakes and wrongdoings up. however i dont think she wants to jeopardize her future

    duffy: seems to oblivious about everything

    sheridan: maybe because she wants to truly be herself so the best way to do that is to go all the way- meaning that she expose her secrets and wants everyone to go down with her bc they all had something to do with messing up her life ie duffy wants to friends and goes out with other girls, vanessa humiliated her in science class,jagger stold audri from her, lilly at first wanted to be with duffy. i know these are small details but teen girls usually dont forget these small yet important events

    just guessing here
    however love your book sooooo much!

  • Jordan says:

    Can’t wait for book 3! Are you still going to finish answering all the questions and pick a winner?

  • Giggly says:

    Honestly, right now Vanessa seems most likely to expose everyone else’s secrets along with her own. Since she’s so obsessed with having a perfect image, it makes sense that she would want to drag the rest of the Phoenix Five members’ reputations down with hers.

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