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Q&A Continued

I’ve loved reading all the questions you’ve submitted to me through the Blah-g and Facebook. I’m working my way through them and going to keep video responding over the next couple of weeks to make sure I get to all of you. Looks like my days of writing with bed head are over. You sure know how to force a girl to clean up.

Shame on you person who invented video. SHAME ON YOU!

Today’s response is for Adia.





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Raging Glitch Part 2

I said nothing would stop me from answering your questions and I meant it. Does it matter that my video responses are coming two days later than I said? Maybe it does. But I put my heart into these answers and then raced off to the Santa Monica Public Library for NOVL’s Summer Soiree where I got to meet some of you in person. Here’s Jack from Tuesday. How cute is he?
This reader walked up and I knew right away Massie was her favorite. I can tell everyone’s favorite Clique or Pretenders character in an instant.
Special nails for License to Spill’s release.
She's so a Sheridan.

She’s so a Sheridan.

Sheridan Pretenders Nails


I’m back in the office, working hard to respond to your …

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