Q&A Continued

I’ve loved reading all the questions you’ve submitted to me through the Blah-g and Facebook. I’m working my way through them and going to keep video responding over the next couple of weeks to make sure I get to all of you. Looks like my days of writing with bed head are over. You sure know how to force a girl to clean up.

Shame on you person who invented video. SHAME ON YOU!

Today’s response is for Adia.

[wpvideo tB7NDxsN]






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  • anna says:

    hi lisi i watched the clique movie and was wondering did they ever release the second movie? If they have i can not find it not even a trailer.

  • Jannette Nguyen says:

    AAAHHHHHH Lisi!! i just finished license to spill and it was not satisfying bc it was wayyyyyy toooo good and cute and personalized and quirky that I want more!!! However, i kinda wish there was something more to vanessa’s rise to popularity besides having access to the grades. However, I still consider her one of my fav charac!! btw lilly is sooo adorbs and i love that she may or may not pair up with super hot/cool mandy in order to rule the pub world!! LOve love ove your book so much!!! make it like harry potter long next time though!! I couldn’t stop reading it!

  • Adia says:

    Ahhh! Saw this link on twitter and I totally freaked out! Thanks so much for answering my question!

  • Jannette Nguyen says:

    Great job on license to spill!! I just searched up the reviews for it and so far people are in love with it with all of it’s adorable,lovable characters and all of their quirkiness!! I’m gonna go get it this week!!

  • mandy says:

    sorry its not na di it its and i do it

  • mandy says:

    lisi, u always give the best advice. i need time management help! i always have a project a teacher give halfway through the year na di do it completely last minute. its so hard! and i dont know how to eliminate distractions because research on the internet gets me to go to youtube or something and then im wasting one hour of my homework time!! any advice??

  • lily says:

    hi Lisi!! ur advice helped me a lot!! from ur guy advice to having a better self esteem! love you! i have a problem tho…i like this guy who i guess i talk to sometimes. but he tells me he doesnt like anyone, so im afraid that i cant ‘catch his attention’! we’ve ‘bantered’ and people constantly say we’d b a good couple but i dont know how to get him to like me! im too shy to step up and ask him too

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