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I will share my opinion whether you ask for it or not. So imagine my joy when PaShai and Emma wrote to me and ASKED for advice. Yes, my friends, dreams do come true.

From PaShai:

Hi Lisi Harrison! I’ve read all your books about 300 times each! I’m not like any other girl that you have met. I have sickle cell anemia. And it is a very disturbing disease that triggers your back with excruciating pain..and if I don’t get it treated I could have a stroke or worse. Please Ms.Harrison you’re my only hope to accomplishing my dream. I want to talk to you about what kind books I would enjoy writing and what I would want to do with my first novel.

To PaShai:

Thank you for reading my books 300 times. I read your letter 301 times, so there! 🙂 You sound like an incredibly brave person and I love your ambition. You should write that novel and I hope you enjoy doing it. But I can not be “your only hope” in accomplishing that. So I am respectfully returning all that hope you just sent my way so you can pin it on yourself instead. Only you can write this book. Only you know what you want it to be about. YOU! Write about something that speaks to your interests. Create characters who work through the kinds of issues you struggle with. Not necessarily someone with sickle cell anemia. That might be too exact. But you know what it’s like to feel pain. You know how it feels to have different challenges than your peers. You know how hard it is to stay strong when all you want to do is kick something and cry. So create a character who feels those things and then add a few things that you can’t relate to so you can have fun living as someone else for a while. That’s one of the best things about writing fiction. Your world, your rules. HAVE FUN!

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From Emma:

Hi there! I have just finished the book Pretenders, and my family and friends are so relieved. They say these past few days they haven’t seen me at all, because I just had to finish the book soon because I was just so engaged and interested while reading this. You are now one of my all time favorite authors, and I can not wait until License to Spill comes out! I also had a question or two about writing. I have actually been working on a couple of books and I was wondering if you had any tips or tricks for any young aspiring writers? Thank you so much for being an amazing writer! Write on! (Get it? Whoops I’m corny).

To Emma:

Thank you Emma. License To Spill comes out June 24th. YAY! Tips and tricks for writing, huh? I wish, sister. There aren’t any tricks. You have to write every day. It’s that simple. Read books in the genre you are writing so you can see how other people do it. Keep a notebook with you and write down amazing details you stumble on during the day. It’s these details that will bring your writing to life. And read about writing. Books on the actual craft are very helpful and inspiring. Most of all don’t try to sound like anyone else. It’s your voice we want to hear because no one sees the world like you do. Now hit it.

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