Forgive me Blah-g for I have sinned. It has been six months since my last entry about the Gracelet. So allow me to refresh your memory.

New series coming out. Phoenix Five. Most popular freshman’s secret journals are exposed. One of the characters, Vanessa Riley (check out her board on Pintrest) is a full-on over achiever. At least that’s what she wants people to believe. Anyway, she loves stockpiling awards. Among the many, she is in hot pursuit of—I’ll have her tell you:

“I entered the Girl Scout’s Young Women of Distinction contest. First place: Gold Award! Super prestigious. My entry is a bracelet with a secret compartment inside an envelope. You write a personal goal on a piece of paper and slip it inside. I named it a Gracelet to remind people to pursue their dreams with grace and to say grace once they achieve them. They are made by Haitian orphans. All proceeds go to their orphanage. I got the sample on Saturday. I’ll take orders Monday. There will be a school named after me by Friday.”

So what did I do? I found a FABULOUS jewelry designer at Gorjana & Griffin and she made Vanessa’s Gracelet. The crazy thing? The real life designer’s name is Vanessa. Here she is. Ah-dorable.

I got to see the first sample on Monday. Look! I’m a hand model.

That envelope flap lifts up and there’s a slot inside. It’s just the right size for hiding a slip of paper that states your secret mission. You can write anything from: Be a better friend to let my bangs grow out. It can be world-changing or selfish and shallow. That’s the beauty. No one sees it but you. When your mission is completed scrap the scrap and write a new one. Do you love or LOVE?

Okay now listen up. This is where you come in. You will have a choice of gold or silver for the envelope. FYI I’m gold, all the way. You will also get to choose from 3 different color cords. The cord will look like the 5.0 inch below (only not poo colored.)

There are lots of colors to choose from. This is me thinking I’m a designer, trying to choose 3.

There were so many to choose from. And I being a consistent gold and brown, can not possibly speak for you. Are you a pink-silver? A blue-gold? A green-gold? Help me help you. Here are the color samples. Tell me which color you like by giving me its number. Top 3 win.

I should get the next sample in a month. I’ll post it then. When all is said and done it will go on sale when P5 launches in September 2013. Proceeds go to a charity you choose.
Vanessa, you think of everything!!!




  1. I’m soooo sleepy. And I have to write a poem. Ugh…

  2. Wowie, the Gracelet sounds ah-mazing!!! Toatally heart it!!! Wow, Lisi you have me talking like Allie J. (Whoops, A!!!) !

  3. once upon a time rocked. Btw, since my dream of giving my nerdy glasses to bieber, they’v been missing. It’s crazy! my mind is getting all dream twisted!!!! I shall continue thy search. peace!

  4. 65! 🙂

  5. I finished TLOATH 2.

    • Well Done Arianna! Thats so amazing of you! I don’t even really know you, yet I’m so proud of all the hard work and dedication you’ve put in! Congrats!

      • Thanks Zula! It’s not too impressive seeing I barely broke the 100 page and 70K word mark. Plus it’s pretty terrible, but whatevs. At least it’s over.

  6. anyone there? i’m feeling lonely:(

  7. no? oh well…
    gosh i sound so self-pitying, i feel sick! i NEEEED to cheer up. Being gloomy is ridiculous.

  8. Zula- did you read my reply? Look into the older comments 🙂

    • repliedddddd

      • Zula-I’m jealous of you scooping up all the Irish biscuits *pouts* And did you read that new TVD spoiler? Stefan and Elena are going to get it on vamp-style in 4×02! Ew 😦 And he’ll push her up against a wall and stuff. But as they do it, I’m thinking that since the new spoiler says that Stefan’s blood diet won’t go right in Elena’s tummy, I think Damon’s going to try to help Elena after she pukes out his blood. But they will keep their new blood bond a secret from Stefan 😀 And also I read a spoiler that in ep 2, Elena will try to sit by Damon in Alaric’s old chair at the Grill but since he’s still feeling bitter about Ric’s death, he’ll get her to sit somewhere else. Oh and also Caroline will make out with Klaus. 😦 Ew, I hate them together. I don’t know what’s more gross: Stelena or Klaroline? Why can’t Caroline make out with Tyler, Stefan or even Matt. I liked her with those guys. And also Matt’s going to be Elena’s date to the Miss Mystic Falls pageant in 4×07 (there’s going to be more Delena scenes in that ep! :)) There are more spoilers online. And I’m talking to him more now and I like him more now. 🙂 And I love OTH, it’s worth watching! And I know what youmean! I watch Supernatural (season 8 starts 2mrw! Yay!), Sherlock, TVD, Glee, Hart of Dixie, Revenge, PLL, OUAT, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, HIMYM, Happy Endings, TBBT, etc. I love Doctor Who, but it’s pissing me off right now. I don’t like Moffat’s era as much as the previous one, and it’s become such a sell-out and caters only to the people who actually believe that the show started with Matt Smith as the Doctor. I’m taking a break for now, but since I’m a Whovian, I’ll prolly catch up.

  9. Hey Lisi,
    Ahh! This idea is..pure genius. I’m shocked. I mean, who wouldn’t want one of these? My favorite is the coral, number 9. Lisi, I think it’s really amazing that you not only came up with an adorable piece of jewelry, yet you managed to a) incorporate into your new series that the world can’t wait for (another year? *sad face*), b) made a piece of jewelry designed to change the world, even if it’s in little ways, and c) donate to a good cause. The Gracelet’s gonna be a hit! I will deffinitely be looking forward to it!(:
    Love, C.

    • Oh, and here’s a quick question: What do you think the price range will mostly likely be for the bracelet? Thanks(:

  10. 74!!! 😀

  11. Zula-OK, right now I read a spoiler that Elena throws up over Stefan right before they’re about to do it. It’s confirmed. LOL. BEST. NEWS. EVER.

  12. Zula- And what I mean about secret relationship in a comical and cute way. Like Damon kisses her shoulder when no one’s looking, they sneak out of each other’s homes, go on dates in seperate towns, have an argument and Katherine’s like “You two having a couples fight?” and they both look away guiltly and continue fighting because they’re both stubborn people, etc.

  13. thank you so much for the photo shout out Lisi, you’re my favorite author this is so exciting 🙂 xx

  14. Okay, so TLOATH 2 is done, I can start on my horror short story,

  15. Why doesn’t anyone want to represent a superhero story?!

  16. Number nine is by far the best 🙂

  17. Olivia- Yeah 😀

  18. Olivia-Yeah 😀

  19. 12,61, and 71

  20. Abby Burn says:

    The Gracelet sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 74!!!!!!!!!! please!!! and what will the price be?????

  22. Christine Vert says:

    I luv #12 and # 3 but 12 more

  23. Christine Vert says:

    How much will they be and where can you buy them

  24. Hi, Miss Harrison. Personally I like 62 (pink), 64 (yellow), and 13 (white). I know white is a little plain, but I can see it against the silver in my mind and it’s totes cuteness. But those are just my opinions. Go with whatever. Love ya!


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