¡Viva Mexico City!

What have I been up to lately, you ask? Well, writing The Dirty Book Club, of course. But also THIS:

mexico city


I’ve just returned from an adventure in Mexico City.  It is THE coolest place. Safer than Los Angeles with cafes and restaurants everywhere. I didn’t even have to forego my Starbucks addiction to visit.

mexico city

Starbucks in Mexico City! Cafe olé! Although, my dreams of being a Mexican mannequin have been flattened. Literally. See below.

mexico city

mexico city

I have no jokes for this picture because it’s not funny. But you had to see.

Fried crickets…

mexico city

Ant eggs. Oh yes I dzid.

mexico city


mexico city

sorry not sorry.


mexico city

Of course there were plenty of mariachi bands… And one particularly popular photo bomber. Check him out below.

mexico city


mexico city

Then there was this little guy crashing all of our meals.

mexico city

I should mention there’s a place in my heart (and head) for garlands. Admittedly. Since I’m no longer 18 I will only wear them on vacation. Lucky Mexico.

Mexico City did my brain wonders, although I didn’t leave The Dirty Book Club back in the states. I had all the characters next to me poolside as I retooled plot lines and reworked pages. I’ll be updating the DBC character boards on Pinterest next week. Be sure to check them out so you can follow their development as I go, and don’t forget about my Facebook. Friday I’ll be posting videos of my favorite friend made in Mexico City.










  1. sensationalexistence says:

    Lisi, I love reading your blog and always check every day for new updates. You are my inspiration for my own blog ( I started this one a few days ago) and I just wanted to say thank you so much! I would love love love it if you could come check out my page sometime 😀

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