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Cupid Is As Cupid Does.

It’s Valentine’s Day. Romance is in the air. Consider yourself warned.

Romance, like tequila, often brings out the stupid in us. We become impulsive, idealistic, and short-sighted under its intoxicating spell. So if you want to avoid the painful hangover reality often brings and enjoy the warm buzz of romance for years to come, keep the following five things in mind. 

1   Know the difference between love and infatuation. Love feels safe, peaceful, and kind. Infatuation feels like insecurity, obsession, and a panic attack at 35,000 feet.

2  Handle your own finances. Never give that power to your partner. If you are a stay-at-home parent and don’t earn an income make sure you have access to the accounts and …

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Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift

“There’s a lid for every pot out there.”

“It happens when you’re least expecting it.”

“It’s when you’re not looking that you’ll find him.”

“Your Prince Charming will come.” 

Single ladies across the Internet are outraged over a twitter exchange between Taylor Swift and newly engaged Lady Gaga. Here’s what went down:

tweets    Some are saying how sweet Lady Gaga was, but most think that if her words were boots they’d be SMUGG BOOTS. (Forgive me, Father. It’s been hours since my last pun.) Personally, I think…actually I don’t think that much about it at all. And I don’t think Lady did either. My guess is that she expressed her appreciation in 140 characters then moved on to

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¡Viva Mexico City!

What have I been up to lately, you ask? Well, writing The Dirty Book Club, of course. But also THIS:

mexico city


I’ve just returned from an adventure in Mexico City.  It is THE coolest place. Safer than Los Angeles with cafes and restaurants everywhere. I didn’t even have to forego my Starbucks addiction to visit.…

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In the Cards for Valentine’s

I’m giving you the gift of time for Valentine’s Day and taking the guesswork out of which cards are the most AH-MAZING this year. I’ve done all the Internet scavenging for you so you can run out and nab (or make) a few for your special someones–friends and family included–right after reading this post. Check these out:

In no specific order…

1) DIY your Valentine’s card by cutting out a heart from a map of the city where you met your boyfriend/girlfriend. *Star* the exact spot you two first crossed paths.

DIY vday card


2) Have some self love while giving it to others this year. They’ll respect you more if you do.

just the way i am


3) Or lay it out on the line …

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Party Animals

What did I do over the holiday, you ask? I hung out with some true party animals. Meet my new friends.

my bunny friend


Too much champagne.


bee bee

Okay, okay, one is a dear old friend.



And one of them is a lie.

Photos aren’t enough proof I can party with the best of them? Here’s some video evidence I’ve still got it, at least over the holiday season.

No Belly is cuter than this Belly.

I’ve read through some of the messages and comments you left while I was away and one got my attention that I’ll be addressing on the blah-g. Juliet asked, what are the best ways to network? Heck if I know but I’ll think about it and …

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Happy Holidays!


Okay, maybe 2014 came with a couple of glitches, but there is truly so much to be grateful for this year. I’ve got plenty of blessings to count and I’m making sure to focus on those as the year closes so I can start off strong in 2015. I invite you to count yours as well. Happy Holidays to all of my ah-mazing readers. You make each day worth it. See you in the new year!




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Feeling Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I’m thankful for so much this year…

Thanksgiving 2014

What are you thankful for?





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To know me, even a little, is to know that I detest all things cliche. Cliches are lazy and uninspired. They do not make the world go around (oops, that was a cliche) they make the world yawn. I don’t use them in my novels and I don’t use them when I’m buying gifts. Red roses for Valentine’s Day? Don’t insult me! A tie for Dad on Father’s Day? Only if I want him to cancel my birth certificate. And I will not give Mom a seasonal bouquet and then drag her to prix fix brunch this Sunday. That said, I’m not sure how I’m going to honor Shaila G. this Mother’s Day. The point it, I’m going to put …

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Mom’s Day Gift Guide – 0/1

I know what you’re thinking. No blah-g again today? I had to run. But I haven’t forgotten you. The post is half written so be sure to check back tomorrow when it goes up. Alisha and I are devising a special Mother’s Day gift list just for you. None of the cliche stuff either; these are gifts mom’s going to love.





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Customize A Custom

We live in a culture of customs. Birthday parties, Sweet Sixteens, Engagements, Weddings, Baby Showers… And each one comes with its own traditions that define it. Cakes, diamond rings, tossed bouquets, tiny clothes and tea sandwiches… This is good if you value tradition, but if you’re more of a trailblazer it can feel restricting and uninspired. This letter from Madi Williams says it all. She wrote:

“Lisi, did u have a sweet 16 party? Are they all they are cracked up to be. Cuz this girl (mean girl) in my spanish class is all like “I’ve driven before, I’m having a sweet 16 party and…..”
Me: (mentally) no one cares. But honestly I do care, I mean people are having

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