Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift

“There’s a lid for every pot out there.”

“It happens when you’re least expecting it.”

“It’s when you’re not looking that you’ll find him.”

“Your Prince Charming will come.” 

Single ladies across the Internet are outraged over a twitter exchange between Taylor Swift and newly engaged Lady Gaga. Here’s what went down:

tweets   Some are saying how sweet Lady Gaga was, but most think that if her words were boots they’d be SMUGG BOOTS. (Forgive me, Father. It’s been hours since my last pun.) Personally, I think…actually I don’t think that much about it at all. And I don’t think Lady did either. My guess is that she expressed her appreciation in 140 characters then moved on to the ten billion other things on her I Do List. But the debate does bring up a good point. The idea that a girl’s life is not complete until she meets her Prince Charming is a royal bunch of b.s. After years of marriage most of them end up looking like frogs.  

Wanting to become someone’s other half, simply for the sake of it is insane. It’s also frighteningly accurate because many women complain about “losing themselves” over the course of their relationships. If you ask me, the single ones–the girls who are holding onto themselves instead of holding out for someone else–should be dolling out advice to those coupling up. “Hang in there. You won’t always have to compromise. He’ll go out of town eventually. You can make your own choices then.” Or “Girls Night Out will be more meaningful when it happens once a month as opposed to every weekend.” And “There’s nothing like sharing a bed with a snorer to remind you you’re not alone.”  

If we weren’t brainwashed by romantic comedies and the like (that end just before reality sinks in), we might have a healthier approach to falling in love. It wouldn’t be something we go looking for but rather something that finds us. It wouldn’t feel like being rescued or completed. It would feel like one hundred percent of you, with a free side of scrumptous, nutritious, fat-free fries. Something wonderful added bonus. Something extra we never needed or asked for or even knew was existed. Something that brings flavor to our already delicious single-patty lives. Napkin optional. 

amanda bynes

Old school Bynes never lets me down.




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  • Massiekur says:

    Hey, Lisi! On the smallest chance you’ll ever read this I’m just going to write it anyway:
    On wordpress there’s a little community of girls that blogs as each of the clique characters (roleplaying). I started this blog in early 2012 and recently stopped this year. In those 3 years I’ve changed so much through writing this blog targeted at preteen girls (even though I started it as one myself). It’s so crazy to look at old posts and see how different I was and how much I’ve grown and how different my morals and ideals are. I think it’s so important that young, influential girls have a positive, confident role model and that’s who I’ve been trying to portray with this blog, while also having some fun and picking up new writing skills. I’ve also met some of the bestest friends I’ve ever had on there who I talk to literally every day, met 2 of them in person and are always there when I need them.
    And the reason I’m writing this at age 16 is to thank you & your books. You’ve honestly affected my life and so many others, even when I was a 13 year old who just needed to know the “popular kids” were just as troubled as I was.

    • Thank you so much for the note. I’m definitely going to look into your WordPress. Feel free to share some of your favorite posts in the blah-g comments! Can’t wait read. xo

  • Ladan Khalaf says:

    I haven’t been on this website in 5 years. I used to love the advice Lisi would give each week. I’m glad you’re still writing inspirational posts. Keep it up!

  • Shaila Gottlieb says:

    Well said,Lisi!

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