YALLWEST over the weekend was a blast. For those who couldn’t make it I’m sad we didn’t get our face time in, but I’ve included some highlights below to make up for it. Here’s a very behind the scenes look to start off.



I moderated the panel “Do popular things automatically suck?” Turns out they don’t. Lovely authors Maya Van Wagenen, Danielle Paige, Victoria Aveyard and Morgan Rhodes were panelists.


My dear friend and famed editor Erin Stein sniper snapped this shot of me moderating panelists in leather leggings. Realized when I got home I’d worn them backwards. At least in person I pretended to be cool (#WeArePretenders 24/7) and some people actually bought it, as evidenced by Danielle Paige’s tweet.


The infamous, aforementioned green room. It was buzzing all day like this.


Naturally, we took selfies. So many selfies. Here’s one featuring Erin, author Shannon Hale and me. Love these ladies.


Reading our “1 Star” reviews.


If you’re not following me on Twitter then you didn’t know I was posting behind the scenes videos at the event. You don’t want to miss something urgent like that again so go follow me now. I’ll wait.

Reemerging for a little sunlight and book fest fun did me wonders but this week I’m back in my writer’s cave cranking out Dirty Book Club pages. If I didn’t get a chance to see your face this weekend I’d love to see it this week while in hibernation. Tweet me, DM me on Instagram or PM me on Facebook a selfie with a message you want to share. I’ll personally respond to all. Can’t wait to see you!



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  • Ivvy Boothe says:

    My Dearest Lisi, (lol……..NOT!)
    hI,I JUST WANTED TO SAY!!!!!!!!!! im a fan. but like not a stalker fan,kk.
    also i wanted to know how do you feel about the book “the selection’ and the rest of that series.
    i like it but…… didn’t have like magic. y’know?

  • Hi Avalaon, I’d love to help you with this, but I think it’s best you pm me on Facebook. Write me at I hope you’re doing ok!!!

    xo Lisi

  • D y l a n says:

    Dear Lisi,
    So in the beginning of my 8th grade year (which I’m currently in right now) I befriended a girl who was in my “friend group” you can say. Well basically she was friends with my friends, but I have never really talked one-on-one with her before. Anyways, all throughout the year we were friends, I was really close with her. We had sleepovers and always went out ice skating or out shopping, we had a ton of classes together and we had a lot in common. So a few months pass from September and she started to not get along with one of the other girls who were in a few of our classes. The girl (let’s just call her Caitlin) used to be really rude to this girl who we had a few classes with and she used to always argue with her about nonsense. After a while Caitlin started to bully her and try to make fun of her at lunch and always talked bad about her. I wasn’t really surprised with her attitude and neither was anybody else. I decided to still be friends with the girl she was bullying, but every time I was nice to her, Caitlin would try to convince me that she was saying stuff behind my back, she was obsessed with me, she was plotting against me. And it worked. I started to ignore this girl and not really bully her back, but not say anything to defend her whenever this girl was getting bullied by Caitlin. I got an and immediately I got questions about this girl saying that I was bullying her, that I was a hypocrite (which is a frequently used word in Caitlin’s vocabulary), telling me that I was a horrible person etc. Caitlin told me that it was definitely that girl who was getting bullied trying to get back at me. I was a little suspicious, but I told them that if I get another question that day I would let my mom know about. Sure enough, an hour later I got 3 new ones. I told my mom and she asked who was sending them. I told her it had to be that girl who was getting bullied and she told me that she would call the principal that Monday (this was over the weekend). So on Monday I got called down for questioning. They told me they would take care of it. So I had deleted my and they had copies of the questions. That girl hadn’t been bothering me after that. So around a week or two later my social studies teacher gave all of his classes a fun project to do replicating The Treaty of Versailles at the end of WWI. Everyone was in a group and each group was a country. Every country had a packet of instructions on how to get what they want in the “treaty”. Whoever achieved enough of the instructions got an 100 for that project. One of the ways to win was to get another countries packet. He told us that we can get the packet any way we please except for actually stealing it. I decided to text one of my class friends and pretend to be Caitlin and ask for screenshots of the packet. She didn’t believe me and didn’t give it to me, which I kind of expected. But I told Caitlin that I was going to do this in class and I told her that I would give her a copy of the packet as well. We were following instructions. But as I texted Caitlin after school telling her that I didn’t get the copy of the packet, she got all upset with me and decided to ignore me. I asked her if she was mad at me and she said no. The next day I came into school and she was talking about me to another girl right in front of me. I texted my mom asking if she could pick me up. She told me she would and I actually had to go to the bathroom because I was crying. As soon as I got home my mom helped me write a text to Caitlin asking her why she was being rude. She only answered once to tell me that she was still in class and then I texted her back a few times trying to tell her I was sorry for upsetting her. She didn’t reply. I came into school the next day and she had pushed my desk and chair across the room away from her table. She was talking about me in front of me. All of my friends from 3rd grade in my friend group to this day won’t talk to me. I now know that she was the one harassing me on She copies my outfits everyday to try to annoy me and then brags about how good she looks. She pushes chairs in my path whenever I try to walk by her to get a textbook in social studies. One of my other good friends who’s also friends with her will treat me differently whenever she’s around. I’ve told her she’s either friends with me or not. Everyone is afraid of Caitlin and nobody will really talk to me because of this. I’ve found a group of 3-4 friends who aren’t big fans of Caitlin who I can trust. They’re nice and funny and a lot like myself, but I don’t know them too well and I’m still getting bullied and talked about by Caitlin. I’ve visited the principal and guidance office about her and they said that they will have teachers keep an eye out. But it’s too late into the school year to do anything else about it (there’s only 3 months left). I’ve been really depressed and upset by everything. I’ve asked my mom and sister who have been really helpful for advice, but most of it is just to ignore them. I’m not sure if there’s any more advice you have for me of what to do. But now I’m looking for any last bit of helpful information to help me get through these 3 months without wanting to move far away or stay home everyday. I’m so sorry this is so long, but this is basically everything 🙂 Thanks so much Lisi, I hope you get to read this! Love you <3

  • kikicbrownee says:

    Do you read books a lot, Lisi? I’m assuming you do, as you’re a writer, but I would love to know what you’re reading or what some of your favorite books are! What’s your favorite genre? Did any books inspire you to write your own? I LOVE reading and would also love to hear about your experience with it. Glad yallwest was fun!

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