32 is the new 50!

It happens.

Last Wednesday to be specific.

I was feeling low. Uninspired. A little unloved. A lot human. I had been thinking of the old days–when each of my blog postings would yield thousands of comments. You discussed them. You made friends. We were a community. A clique. And now? Notsomuch.

That’s okay. Times change. People grow. I read The Giving Tree. I know how life works. As long as you’re out there I’m all good. Truly. You inspire me. Being reminded that my words matter to you is everything. Not in a needy, desperate way. More out of wanting to connect.

Because the comments have dropped so dramatically I was convinced that your interest had too. Then I read what you wrote and I felt like the Incredible Hulk. Only not green, not muscular, not male or angry or even the slightest bit unhinged. Just energized in that Hulk way that made me feel big and strong and ready to take action. So even though I asked for 50 comments, I feel blessed with 32 because those of you who did respond had something real to say. Whether you said you’d understand if I quit or you begged me not to. You took the time to let me know my words still matter by taking the time to write your own. And that’s all I needed to hear.

So off we go…

More blogs. More advice. More sharing.

In the name of sharing I thought you’d like to know that it’s been a big week for me and animals. Last weekend I told a friend I’d watch her dog, Bentley. He’s an adorable (untrained!) puppy and I couldn’t resist. Then I got super sick and while she was rafting somewhere with her husband I had to deal with this micro-beast stealing my tissues, sticking his butt in my ear, and eating my book.

bent head

The book, by the way, was Heft by Liz Moore. I read it in two days. I loved it, Bentley obviously loved it, and you will too.

Now I am waiting for Joe from Critter Control to come over and remove one of God’s creatures from under my house as it is decomposing and making me wish my sinuses hadn’t recovered as quickly as they did. There’s a chance Joe may not make it today as he has a racoon eviction in Yorba Linda that may run long. Keep your fingers crossed and your nostrils pinched.

I’ll let you know next week what Joe found.

TTYW (yay!)

Forever yours,



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  • I read these book when I was 5. Now I’m writing my own inspired series! I hope you find that okay! I may not even publish them because of copy right!

  • Deserae McG says:

    Haha!!! Bentley wanted a taste, too, I see. πŸ˜› Thanks for letting us in on your thoughts, Lisi. Things do change, you know, on the surface. But you are love, love, loved. That won’t change. Thanks for doing you!

    Hope you’re having a great week (and that Joe can help you out!!!),

  • Kaitlyn says:

    I am very glad you decided to stay!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I am so happy you are going to keep blogging!!! TYSM πŸ˜€

  • Joe says:

    It’s Joe from NYC not Critter Control.

    You’re now one comment (year?) closer to 50…You’re welcome.

  • Lisi, I am so happy that you decided to continue blah-ging! I kept checking back all last week to see how many comments you had gotten, and when it didn’t reach 50, I found myself anxiously waiting for a blah-g post yesterday. I didn’t realize how much I looked forward to your blah-g each week. Thanks for being so awesome and deciding to keep up the blah-ging!

  • Laila N says:

    Ouch, that reference to The Giving Tree. Have you heard the song by the Plain White Ts? It’s one of my Sad Songs, you know, for rainy days, when one wants to revel in misery…
    But this is not a day for misery! The blog continues, I am happy πŸ™‚ All the best with the mutt (#CatLady), and get well soon! Like you can decide and control those things. But. It’s the polite thing to say, right? And I certainly hope you get well soon. Basically, you have my well wishes…

  • huiskesk2 says:

    Hey, if you all don’t mind, can someone please respond to the comment on the last post? The 32nd one? I wrote it, on another account, and frankly, it’s rather important to me

  • Jess says:

    I do remember those old blog posts well… I started reading and posting so long ago that the ones I read aren’t even in the archives! I miss all of those conversations and people posting their short stories. I remember not being as excited for the other series you began writing as The Clique ended (I guess I’m just faithful to The Clique), so I kept reading the blog, but with less enthusiasm until my visits faded out. I still check in every so often and I’m glad to see it’s still going. It’s great you are so close to your fans!

  • kikicbrownee says:

    Yayy! I missed your blog post last week and just read it, and I totally would have commented had I seen it. But I’m glad your blahgs are continuing, I look forward to them every week! But don’t feel bad if you ever do feel like you need to take a break. We’ll wait patiently! πŸ™‚

  • Natalia says:

    Yeahhhhh Lisiiiii! Thank Gawd. You’re amazing. I was so scared you would be disappointed with 32 comments, but as always you’re right. Thanks for all you do!


  • Casey says:

    You’re right… There are a lot less comments on here then when I first started reading your blogs a couple years ago. I think for me, your books are something I’ve held really close, but stopped re-reading. I’ve still got them all lined up on my shelf ready for the next read, which I’m hoping to get to eventually. But recently it’s just been a memory, something great I look back on with fondness. And the truth is that they just haven’t been as big a part of my life as they once were… And I think that’s why I haven’t been quite as active on here as I once was. I started reading The Clique when I was in 6th grade, so it was a very different time then as opposed to now, going on Sophmore year. But I still LOVE your books and you and you’re the coolest author ever, because you’re a wise adult but you still get us teen girls. Thank you for your blogs πŸ™‚ It’s really special to get to be this close to someone like you that I really look up to!

  • mxoxoread says:

    Haha!!! Love this!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

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