Girls! Girls! Girls!

You know what a problem bullying is. You know how vile girls can be toward one another. What you might NOT know is that good girlfriends are THE most important relationships you can have in this life. As you get older and life becomes more challenging, they will be there for you in ways you can’t imagine. Guys give us tingles. Family gives us unconditional love (if we’re lucky.) But good girlfriends fill in all the spaces in between. So stop worrying about fitting in with the popular girls. If they are snots and make you feel like crap YOU ditch THEM and go find the good ones–ones like you.

I say this because I am going through some great-big-huge challenges in my personal life right now and without the love, support, and HILARITY of my friends I would be curled up in the fetal position under a park bench, being pooed on by birds and licked by nocturnal animals.

So pick your friends well. Protect and respect the ones you have. Show up for them. If you do, you will make it through anything, no matter how badly it sucks. Pinky swear.

Thank you my friends. You are the wind beneath my pits.




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