Which Girl Stuff Girl Are You?

Are you a Fonda, a Drew, or a Ruthie? Find out which Girl Stuff character is most like you by taking this quiz.

  1. You’re starting seventh grade and want to make it the best year ever. Do you:

    • Clarify your goals by making a vision board. If you can’t see them, you can’t manifest them.
    • Seventh grade will be the best year ever (as soon as my crush starts paying attention to me.)
    • Insist on total togetherness. When that bell rings, you and your besties will sit together, study together, and take pee breaks together. Probably even take this quiz together.
  2. My back-to-school outfit must include:

    • The color of the day. The C.O.D. is a color we all agree on the night before. I want people to know we’re a group–a group they want to be part of. Red is ideal for back-to-school because it symbolizes passion and fire. Red also stops traffic. Literally.
    • Sweats, sweats, and sweats. If my pants are tight, I’m not alright. If my shirt has a collar, you’re gonna hear me holler. If my bra is lace, I’ll make an ugly face. (Fine, I don’t need a bra yet. But when I do, it will be the sporty kind.)
    • A cute romper with an inviting cherry print. I want my outfit to say, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I would say it myself, but I don’t want to talk during class in case I miss something important.
  3. When you hear “Period Purse,” you think:

    • Every girl needs one so she can be prepared. It should contain sanitary napkins, a change of underwear, and essential oils to calm my cramps. Oh, and a bag of Reece’s Pieces because they’re the best and I deserve the best.
    • My period needs a purse? How fahn-cy.
    • Which period is the purse from? I hope it’s the Elizabethan period (1558-1603). Everything was so ornate back then.
  4. When my best friends aren’t around, I like to:

    • Um, is it me, or are the next two answers incredibly depressing?
    • Skateboard, surf, or snowboard. I’m never bored when I have a board.
    • Puzzle, read, watch foreign movies, and do nightly news broadcasts for my stuffed animal. My stuffy loves current events.
  5. I’d rather get donkey-kicked in the throat than:

    • Not feel special.
    • Have my heart crushed by my crush.
    • Get left behind.
  6. You might see me at a boy-girl party wearing:

    • A silk kimono over shorts and wedge sandals. You might not remember me, but you’ll remember my outfit.
    • A helmet and skate-pads. If you have a problem with protective outerwear, then I have a problem with you.
    • EyeClops Infrared Stealth Goggles and a black unitard. I want to guy-spy with my little eye.
  7. If I’m in a fight with my besties, I will:

    • Do whatever I can to make things right. My apology will probably come with a gift bag and a new friendship bracelet, you know, to remind them how much we mean to each other. (And how irreplaceable sweet I am.)
    • Ignore them in public. Mope in private.
    • What besties? I’ve already moved on. (Fine, I didn’t. I can’t. But I want to. Fine, I don’t want to. I’m just going to make them think I do.)


Fonda from Girl StuffIf you picked mostly A’s, you’re a Fonda. You’re creative, loyal, and determined. You must be taken seriously by the people you admire, and you will do whatever you can to make that happen. You also want to help your friends become their best selves, but your good intentions sometimes come off as bossy. Sigh. You’re so misunderstood. A little advice for Fondas: It’s okay to push yourself, but don’t push your friends. Understand that your goals are, well, your own. Other people may not want the same things you do, and you have to accept that, even when it messes up your brilliant plans. Which it often does. (Ugh. Annoying.)

Drew from Girl Stuff


If you picked mostly B’s, you’re a Drew. You’re athletic, adventurous, and a real what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of girl. Typically, you’re low maintenance and easy-going, but when you’re testing positive for the Crush Virus, managing your mood swings can be a full-time job. Yes, infatuation is consuming. It fills bellies with butterflies and hijacks hormones, but keep your sneakers planted on the pavement, or you’ll lose yourself. A little advice for Drews: Try not to give the object of your desire too much power. Stay connected to the people who know how amazing you are, and don’t share your happiness password with anyone. You are the only one who gets to control that. Got it? Crushes come and go, but besties are forever. Be your own bestie.


Ruthie from Girl StuffIf you picked mostly C’s, you’re a Ruthie. You’re curious, quirky, and in love with learning. Yes, you’re afraid of the ocean, and you’d wear a bodysuit made of bubble wrap before riding a skateboard, but you’re big-time brave. You don’t follow trends or give in to peer pressure, which takes courage. A little advice for Ruthies: Keep your sneakers planted firmly on the ground. Stand-out girls don’t always fit in, and that can feel lonely and isolating. It’s tempting to change who you are so those feelings go away. DON’T!  Do not lower your freak-flag and never hide your individuality. Instead, choose friends, crushes, and stuffed animals who value your unique perspective and accept you for who you are. You’re different for a reason. Find that reason and do great things.

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