How to Have a Summer Crush Without Getting Crushed.

School is out, tans are on point, and the sweet smell of SPF 50 is in the air. Call yourself a trash compactor, baby, because you are ready to crush. But here’s the problem: crushes are called crushes because hearts are literally getting crushed in the process. And you know what that means? Come mid-August the ground will be covered in shards of broken hearts. That leaves you and a pair of tweezers nipping at your freshly pedicured foot as you try to pluck out the splinters of pain. 

Or, you can crush-proof your summer with the handy-dandy-no-tweezers-necessary (unless-you-have-a-unibrow) method I like to call V.A.G. Now remember it’s not for everyone. Just those of you who don’t mind saying, “I’m working the V.A.G. method”.

Here’s how it goes:

V: stands for VALUES. Before you set eyes on any potential candidates, make a list of values that are important to you. Some of mine are, honesty, kindness, stellar hygiene, integrity, humor as a way to deal with things that suck, law-abiding…

A: stands for AH-MAZING. Becuase you want this person to make you feel ah-mazing. And if they don’t they have no place in your life. So, again, make a list of things a crush can do to make you feel ah-mazing. Some of mine are: Laugh at my jokes, great conversationalist, respectful, full of compliments, loyal, kind, considerate, punctual…

G: stands for GO and check your list. Meaning, every time you have an interaction with Crush, GO and check your list.

Is your crush’s behavior in line with your values? Does your cush make you feel the way you want to feel? If not, spray a ton of sunscreen and vanish in the mist.

The V.A.G. method takes courage and confidence. It asks that you hold out for what’s good, not good for right now. It demands that you tell your beating heart to simmer down and let your brain weigh in. It’s there to show you how often we ignore reality and chase our fantasies instead.  Of course, there are always some people who think that time, mind-games, or a tight outfit will win their crush’s affection and improve their behavior. And to them, I say, “Get yourself some tweezers and prepare for the prick of a lifetime.”




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  • Tina says:

    Will there be another The Clique book?? I want to know what happens to Massie after she moved to England..

  • #Massie;) says:

    Hi, Lisi
    So, I am 12, and I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, so we have no library. (WHYYYYY)
    But a while ago, i went to a friend’s house and found a box of books in her attic that her mom wanted to get rid of. Your books ‘The Clique’ and ‘Dial L for Loser’ were in there. I read them and totally loved them! You are an amazing author and I really enjoy reading your books! (I recently got ‘It’s Not Easy Being Mean’ as well! <3!)
    Thank you for writing books that make me laugh, smile, and cry.

    I speak Hebrew too! And French, Norwegian, Mandarin, and I speak fluent Massie. (Minus the mean girl antics)

  • Jessimar says:

    Hi Lisi, I just wanted to tell you I love your clique series of books and adore Massie . Ehmagawd, I love her literally I love her comebacks and her desire for fashion. Hope you write more .
    Fan of yours

  • lazyparrisonlover123123331 says:

    Don’t worry I still love you, Lisi. I’ll never leave you. I loved your book monster high. I had a fun time reading it and wish I could read it again. But, on the other hand, I am getting evicted this month and 3 people have filed restraining orders on me. I don’t know what to do Lisi. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t message you right now. Please send help. I miss you. I have nothing left. Everyone who I love has run away from me. I don’t know whats so weird about following someone around without them knowing. “stalking” like what does that even mean. Whats so bad about have 200 photos of someone on your computer when I don’t even know them. I don’t know this world is just weird. I’ll let you know how things go. Bye, Lisi. <3

  • Hazel says:

    Hi Lisa
    I just discovered The Clique series in late 2018 and loved it!! I’m just concerned that the since the books were made years ago that they won’t be available in a lot of places. I just want to know where i can get the books thanks!!

  • Pip says:

    Hi Lisi,

    I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your truly amazing dedication dedication to your craft. I read the Clique books growing up (I’m 23 now), and they were by far my favourite series. I would count down the days until a new one was released, and rush out to get it the first say it hit the shelves.

    Books have always been a huge part of my life, and your books were almost companions to me when I was younger. So thank you. Your writing and imagination is inspiring.

    All the best,


  • Laurel says:

    Hi, I just discovered The Clique. I loved the manga version and I think it would be awesome to see the rest of the series done as a manga. It is so much fun to see the girls in their outfits (and to see the boys too 🙂 ).

  • Shelby says:

    I know this is many years in the past, but I feel compelled to leave this regardless.

    The Clique did not get the tv/movie adaptation it deserved. The cast was great but I genuinely feel like it could have carried several seasons of a tv show. If you ever feel like revisiting that part of your life again, I think The Clique would be an important show for this generation to really dive into.

    As a 22-year-old woman who was in love with these books, I would love for this to happen and would likely be a regular viewer.

  • Alexis says:

    Hi Lisi,
    I am writing a book similar to the Clique and was wondering how you keep the girl’s point of views balanced. Thanks, Alexis

  • Anita says:

    Happy New Year Lisi! I miss you hope all is finding you well. We need a book news update!

  • LioekMirosinLover12-3912-30912 says:

    Hello, Lioek Mironsin
    It is me again, I just finished reading your monster university novel and I love. Thank you for blessing my fortnite mind with this book I love it. Please give me your roblox username so we can play bloxburg together and be best friends. I love you girlfriend. 😉

  • LasyGarrisonLover 6754979679467496794 says:

    Dear, LAsy Garrison.
    I am reallly in love with ur novel Monsters Junnior, or High thank you for realeasing a book such as blessed as yours. You are now my girlfriend i love yoiu what is your epic games and rtobloc username so we can do fun things in fortnite battle royal a royal consisting of 100 players youll be trase but ill help
    LasyGarrisonLover 6754979679467496794

  • Mariah Gaskill says:

    Are you making anymore clique books????

  • Kiana says:

    Lisi, happy birthday! You and I share the same birthday and sorry this was a day late. I was working.
    Interesting post. I was kind of surprised you posted such a thing. It seems you are progressing to the more “mature” topics, if you know what I mean hence your latest novel. It’s great though. Keep it up!
    Question: what if you have more than one crush and both are potential partners? How do you decide?
    And lastly, are there any rules to qualify? Example: too young, etc.

  • Hi Lisi,

    This is Lindsey Todd — I was a finalist in the Clique Movie Contest with Warner Bros. back in 2007-2008 (the brunette) 🙂

    I was wondering if you could privately email me at: I have some questions about publishing that I’d love to ask you as one of my favorite authors growing up. I so loved the Clique series and your fun writing style as a teenager, and your books and writing all contributed to my decision to become an English major in college and, continuing in my passion for books and writing, to publish my first book.

    I would LOVE to hear from you and hope to speak with you soon! Please consider reaching out. It would mean so much to me.

    All best,

  • Nikki says:

    Hi this is Nikki from your last post and i know that your busy but today is my B-Day and i was wondering if you would mind giving me a birthday shout out! I know you have a lot going on so its okay if you can’t but thank you for reading my posts and talking to me!!!!! Have a great day!!!!!!!

  • Amber says:

    Hi Lisi!
    Great post! Was rereading some of your novels, and thought I’d check out your website, and I stumbled across your blog! It’s amazing how even in something as simple as a short blog post, your writing draws me in and inspires me. I first read The Clique back in 2005, and about once a year I reread the series, as it is one of my favorites. Thank you for creating a world where my childhood mind could find happiness and companionship, and one that my adult mind can recall fondly. You are truly valued.
    – Amber

    P.S. – I saw in the comments of another post that you’d mentioned working on another Clique novel earlier this year? Any updates on that?

    • Anna Linde says:

      no never happened never will never happen but i still love them. I’m Anna luv the clique age 24 when I was 12 I red the clique series at least 10 times I admit I was very much upsessed, wish there was more but there is not. I remember laying in my pool reading floatie beneath me sun above,on winter days curled up in my room sitting on my coach blocking the world and entering a new world where everything was perfect i miss it buy then again I had my time and I think I pretty much outgrowned that era in my life, but the clique was part of my childhood and my childhood is part of my life so yes it was amazing or in “the Cliqetionary” ah-mazing!

      p.s this 2019 life is good thanks to the clique and a bunch of other things so enjoy it don’t wait til a book comes out write your own make others happy a.k.a live

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