Happy Holidays!


Okay, maybe 2014 came with a couple of glitches, but there is truly so much to be grateful for this year. I’ve got plenty of blessings to count and I’m making sure to focus on those as the year closes so I can start off strong in 2015. I invite you to count yours as well. Happy Holidays to all of my ah-mazing readers. You make each day worth it. See you in the new year!





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  • Juliet Reid says:

    Lisi, I have a huge question to ask you! What is the best way to network? Especially if everyone in the room is richer/more accomplished than you are and you know it and you want to network with them so that you can get a buttkicking job? I’m pretty sure that during your time at MTV, you learned a little bit about this topic so I wanted to ask from the best (and especially since I’m about to go to a fancy college and need to know how desperately)!!

  • Rhea says:

    Happy Holidays too, Lisi!

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