In the Cards for Valentine’s

I’m giving you the gift of time for Valentine’s Day and taking the guesswork out of which cards are the most AH-MAZING this year. I’ve done all the Internet scavenging for you so you can run out and nab (or make) a few for your special someones–friends and family included–right after reading this post. Check these out:

In no specific order…

1) DIY your Valentine’s card by cutting out a heart from a map of the city where you met your boyfriend/girlfriend. *Star* the exact spot you two first crossed paths.

DIY vday card


2) Have some self love while giving it to others this year. They’ll respect you more if you do.

just the way i am


3) Or lay it out on the line and let them know they’re all you’ve got. It works.

suck without you

click through image to find where you can nab this card



4) Be up front with what matters most and why they make the cut.

grammar card


5) Test their observational skills with this fake-out Valentine. fake out card6) Or keep it simple, keep it real.

you and naps



7) Give this one to your parents. They’ll love it.

for mom




8) Or if you don’t want your Valentine to get a big head, this will send the right message.

click through image to get this card

click through image to get this card


9) For the undying love(r):

zombie love


10) And for anyone else I’ve missed, this ought to cover it. Check off the pet name you see fit. How many of you marked Cover Stealer?

for all

click through image to get this card



Next week I’ll let you know what’s in the cards for me. [HINT: I’ll hopefully be seeing some of your lovely faces in person very soon].




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