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In my next life I’d like to cruise the world in a food truck that’s been converted into a jazzy clothing boutique. In the life after that I’d like to name nail polish for a cosmetics line. Assuming I get one more after that, I’d like to teach creative writing in a school like Alpha Academy. The first two are givens, but I bet you’re wondering what inspired the teacher thing. I mean, I am not a lover of classrooms or their smells. And yet, I’d love to stand before you and school you on Pretenders. The problem is I don’t have the patience to reincarnate three times. I want to do it NOW. So I am working on a Pretenders teacher’s guide and I am loading it up with fun assignments. Not a single suh-noozer question about theme or symbolism to be had. I want to send it out to your teachers and ask them if I can come by and teach a lesson on it.

Will there be homework? Uh, yeah. Sorry. I need to make it legit or they won’t take me seriously. But it will be cool homework.

Like this: Name three people in your life that you know really well. Now think of a single scenario. Write journal entries in all three characters’ voices about that one scenario.

For example: The three people I pick are my mom, by best friend, and BeeBee, my chihuahua.

The scenario: There is a wallet full of cash on the street. Now I have to become my mom and write what she would write about the wallet. Then I do the same thing as my friend, and then my dog. I’d do my best to use their expressions and process the scenario the way they would. It’s a great way to teach you about different “voices” and character distinction and it’s actually fun.

If this is something you guys would be into, let me know and I’ll be there. I’ll be the one driving the jazzy boutique truck.

Lots to look forward to in 2014! Have a Happy Holiday season and I’ll see you back here on January 8th with a brand new website. Keeping it fresh, baby.

Thank you Laila N. for making this incredible Pretenders post. I ah-dore it. Not pretending.

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