The brilliant jewelry design team at Gorjana & Griffin has come up with yet ah-nother Gracelet design and this one is even better than the one I showed you last week. The envelope is smaller and it’s on macrame instead of long leather cord. Why wrap your wrist like a mummy when you can stack it with a chummy? That’s right, I made a bad rhyme. Judge if you must but you know I have a point. The small envelope and tight macrame weave makes these Gracelets easier to stack than the bulkier ones I showed you last week. And since most of you will be using them as friendship bracelets, and since most of you are outrageously popular, you’re going thank me for the single strand.

So, issue number one is solved. A more streamlined design so you can stack ’em like hotcakes. The next issue is palate. Take the following poll and tell me which color combo is your favorite. We will probably offer six but if there are some colors here that don’t get chosen we will swap them out for others. So weigh in. This poll can only accept 200 responses (because I’m too cheap to upgrade) so hurry up and cast your vote before it fills up. I’ll announce the winners next week. If there’s a color you love but don’t see let me know in the comments section. Help me help you.




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