The Majority Report

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of pie charts and percentages for the summer, I give you this. The results of last week’s Gracelet poll. I wasn’t kidding when I said only 200 could vote because I didn’t pay for the upgrade but somehow an extra 128 of you made it in anyway. Love that. Clearly silver/turquoise was a favorite so we will make that one for sure. I sent your results to the designer so she can give you what you want and I’ll keep you posted with updates. I’m so glad you’re as excited as I am for these. They’re going to be ah-mazing.


Okay, enough math. Another thing we get to lose during the summer is our outerwear. And yet, I offer you this jacket!!! (And one very fine example of a transitional sentence.)

The final cover for Pretenders. You chose that picture of me, remember?

FINAL Pretenders Jacket


I ah-dore how well we all work together.


Lisi (Unless you think I should change my name. Maybe we’ll vote on that next week.)

P.S. That picture of BeeBee was taken yesterday after she had 22 teeth pulled. I love you Beebs!


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