It’s Time We Had “The Talk”

Hey, do you have a second? …It’s nothing major, just that, you know, we’ve been hanging out for like, 10 years now and… while I think this weekly Blah-g thing is great, it’s starting to feel a little, I dunno, been-there-done-that… No, I’m not trying to end things. Actually, it’s the opposite. I was hoping we could have a real chat, like where I see your face and you see mine. Eyes blinking, mouths moving. Just us being us in real eastern / pacific standard time.

What do you say? Can we at least try it once and see how it goes?

Lisi Pretenders

Shhhhhh. Don’t speak. I’ll leave you with the details and you can think about it. But don’t think too long or someone else may come along and steal your spot. No pressure. Just saying…

If you’re feeling it–feeling us–click on this link: Little, Brown Live at the Lounge
on Tuesday, September 24th at 7pm EST / 4pm PST. I’ll be the one wearing the S.W.A.P. (Sealed With A Promise) bracelets and the shy smile. I’ll show you the colors and designs we chose and tell you how to get one for yourself. Of course we’ll chat about Β  PRETENDERS, boys, school, friends, fashion, my past series, my future series, our plans for the future.

Nervous? Don’t be. Megan McCafferty, author of Jessica Darling’s It List will be there too.

You will be able to submit questions for us to answer and you’ll also have the opportunity to ask us questions live, on video.

RSVP ASAP to guarantee a spot. I’m serious, hurry! (Too forward?) R.S.V.P.

Not only will we be giving away copies of PRETENDERS and JESSICA DARLING’S IT LIST, but you’ll have a chance to win a boxed set of the Monster High and Jessica Darling series and a new S.W.A.P. bracelet. We might even read from our old journals to prove how serious we are about taking this relationship to the next level. We’re talking real heart-on-the-sleeve stuff here.

All I’m asking is that you think about it. And that you decide to go for it. And that you RSVP right away. And that you ask us questions. And give us compliments. But only if you’re ready. Which you should be. Because I am. And we promised never to grow apart.

Think about it.

TTYTuesday (if you want.)


(Please say yes.)


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