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Home of the Brave.

Happy belated Fourth, Americans!!! Despite my Canadian passport I still celebrated. See?

USA(We have Canada, Norway, and Brazil represented in this photo. Can you spot the American?)

Yes, it’s true, there isn’t a party I won’t crash. But I also happen to believe in this one. This is a fantastic country (even though it’s in need of some serious group therapy) and the advantages that come from living in the free world are too numerous to count. But the thing about this holiday that really sparks my sparkler is that it celebrates independence—something I do on a daily basis. (Notice how I managed to make a national holiday all about me? I know, pretty slick.)

I celebrate it by …

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There’s no I in ESTEEM.

My brain is so full of blah-g ideas my eyes are swelling. And yet I’m having a sticky writing day. So instead of giving you something clunky and gooey I’m going to keep this one simple. It’s a technique I made-up (there I go citing myself again) that helps with low self-esteem. I’ll use body issues as my example because this is something most of us can relate to, but you can do it with anything.

Okay let’s begin:

Close your eyes (after you read this) and imagine yourself on a beautiful beach. You are wearing a bikini and you are tanned. You feel good enough to enjoy the day and not stress about your looks. You’re having fun.

Then …

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