Home of the Brave.

Happy belated Fourth, Americans!!! Despite my Canadian passport I still celebrated. See?

USA(We have Canada, Norway, and Brazil represented in this photo. Can you spot the American?)

Yes, it’s true, there isn’t a party I won’t crash. But I also happen to believe in this one. This is a fantastic country (even though it’s in need of some serious group therapy) and the advantages that come from living in the free world are too numerous to count. But the thing about this holiday that really sparks my sparkler is that it celebrates independence—something I do on a daily basis. (Notice how I managed to make a national holiday all about me? I know, pretty slick.)

I celebrate it by putting mustard on my popcorn instead of butter. I celebrate it by choosing not to wear a bra today even though I need one.Β  I celebrate independence by following my instincts even when they lead me to lonely places. So when Jannette posted this question…

Hi Lisi!! I was wondering if you could share any advice on becoming a strong and successful, career-orientated girl in life! Since most of your books targets towards teens, this is the stage when we are still trying to figure out what we want to be when we get older. However, as a loyal fan, I know for sure that you are extremely successful and has had a wonderful and exciting life (I mean MTV? Seriously, that is beyond cool ) Thank you so much for taking your time to read this!!! Love Yah LISI!!

…I can respond by saying:

Jannette, are you asking me how to be strong? The answer is confidence. Confidence comes from making choices that are right for you, not anyone else. If they are right for you, you can stand by them with strength. That’s the ONLY way. Making the right choices comes from following your instincts. Knowing your instincts comes from listening to the voices in your head/gut even when they’re telling you to do something that is hard or lonely. Success comes from loving what you do so much you’d do it for free. What if you don’t know what you want to do yet?Β  Be patient. Your “instincts” might not know yet. You’re young. Just listen to what they’re saying now. Those voices may not know how your story ends but they will help you write a little bit of it each day. And before you know it you will be living inside a book you love. And the best part? It will have been written by you, for you. If, and only if, you’re not afraid to break away from the pack when those voices tell you it’s time.

They don’t call this the home of the brave because it it rhymes with banner yet wave

(Well, that can’t be the only reason.)

In case you need a little extra inspiration, check out this promo for a new line of girls’ toys made just for independent thinkers.


(If I feel like it.)


P.S. Did you figure out which one of my friend’s is the American?


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