Let’s get right to it: 1) Hurricane Sandy BLOWS! Pun intended? Sure, why not? I am thinking about all of you on the east coast who have been displaced from your homes, left without power and forced to cook food like my friend Cheryl. Look she’s making lunch for her kids. I am not kidding.

It’s so like her to still look good.

2) If you find yourself in Laguna Beach tonight and you happen upon this house,

dressed like a Monster High character, I will give you a SIGNED BOOK along with a serious amount of candy.

3) Look what I have gotten myself into. Help out of you can. If not sit back and watch me deteriorate over the next five weeks.

TTYW, SB!! (see #1), HH (see#2).



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  • Anjor :) says:

    I live on the East Coast as well, and though originally everyone thought our city would get hit, luckily we escaped with a whole lot of rain and minimal damage compared to our family and friends living in New Jersey and NYC (they’re still without power!!!). I urge everyone to donate as little or as much as they want to towards relief efforts because it is really scary and really serious. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.

  • jannette says:

    I was wondering for the pinterest who are these new people like destiny or mj are they in the phoenix 5 and dbc they seem really cool

  • Raisa says:

    30 novels, I believe it!
    2 kids??? whoa I had no idea! You’re kids are soo lucky! & Is the picture of the little boy you posted on pose of your son?

  • Maggie says:

    I changed my icon from eddie-bieber to scissors.

  • Haylee says:

    Zula- I hate Bonnie now so much. I used to love her but after you saw the recent ep, you’ll understand what I mean. She was being a judgemental bitch to Damon. And Elena….she wasn’t acting that much good either, but at least she apologized. I love the smile on Damon’s face when she hugged him.

    • Zula says:

      Saw the new ep! I dont think Bonnie was being that bad… sorry!

      • Haylee says:

        Sorry for that. I still love her, but that was RIGHT after I watched the ep. Bennett Brigade ftw πŸ˜› I calmed down though and while I felt bad for Damon, I don’t hate Elena or Bonnie. But I do hate Stefan. After finding out about the cure, Stefan’s like now Elena and I can live a happy human life. And I’m like wtf, you forced your brother to turn so you wouldn’t have to be alone and you don’t have a problem with your brother being alone for eternity while you and Elena have that? And I’m starting to like Rebekah and Stefan together. I used to be a Klaus/Rebekah fan, but he’s been such an ass to her so instead I ship Stefan/Rebekah, Kol/Rebkah and Caroline/Rebekah. And did you see the promo for next week? Damon and Elena are having a fight and then Elena goes all assasain on him and pushes him onto his bed while aiming a crossbow at him. And you know what I hate? There’s this new shipwar between Chair/dair fans aith a Chair fan saying that dair fans who ship Delena are hypocrites. And Dair fans (along with Ed Westwick) started this new thing called Cheath which basically equals Chuck + death and Chair fans are mad about it. TVD/GG fandom is so crazy and hateful but not as much as the Supernatural fandom. The Supernatural fandom once wanted this one actor on the show to get fired that they started this whole thing called “I Hate Misha Collins Day.”

  • Laila says:

    SAY WHAAA? I’m so confused. Where’d the two kids thing come from? o.o
    & stay strong, people of the East Coast.
    So help me, I wish I was in America. I want Monster High -_-‘

  • rujuta says:

    omg the chihuahuawatch picture is sooooo cute!!!!:):)
    well we dont really celebrate Halloween here and obviously hurricane sandy didnt affect india in any way…….
    but anyway hope youll had a good Halloween and didnt get affected too badly by the storm…. :):):)

  • Aisha says:

    Omfg! Lisi, you have two kids? Sorry, totally irrelevant, but at least you know I like you enough to have clicked the link in your post. It’s just… wow! You never taked about them and you’re really young-looking and quite pretty (no joke!). You have lovely house. Bet Halloween in Laguna Beach is really nice and fun.
    Anyway, Sandy didn’t cause me any trouble except for lots of rain and plenty of downed leaves. Hope everybody on the east coast, especially New Jersey, are all right.

  • Arianna says:

    Guess we’re not getting a shout-out this week either…

  • Neon says:

    Well, I certainly can not make it to the west coast, but look at this. Shenae Grimes of 90210 must be a big fan or something cause she dressed up as Frankie Stein to some hollywood party. πŸ™‚ Guess monster is so IN! Trend settterrrrrr!

  • Leslie says:

    woahhhhhhhh totally did NOT know you have TWO children Lisi!!

  • Maggie says:

    OMG! one of my neighbors was passing out pencils and play-doh and little toys. it was a good stop. although my brother was digging through for 5 min and then yelled “Excuse-me, But i need CANDY!” we apologized a lot and hurried away all guilty feeling and my neighbor looked all guilty too. little brothers are a pain…

  • Hi Lisi! I agree with you Hurricane Sandy does blow. I hope everyone the east coast is safe.
    In times like this I wish I could drive. I live four hours away from you but it would be worth it right? What signed book would you give out?

  • Raisa says:

    Hi Lisi!
    I wish I could drive out to meet you, you only live an hour and a half away but no one will take me! & going on the bus in a Halloween costume is nawt an option! Oh well πŸ™ Happy Halloween though! πŸ™‚

  • Zula says:

    And lisi, I wish I could meet you! I would fly out to LA right now if it wasnt so crazy! Meeting you would be the most incredible experience ever though! Your books have taught me so much as I grew up alongside them! Would you ever consider a meet and greet in London please?

  • Zula says:

    Haylee- Sorry for my late reply too! But, I have now seen all of TVD to date, and wow, just wow. The new hunter?! what does it meannn?! :L You were right about the Stefan/Caroline scenes, I really liked that, but I’m happier that tylers back now πŸ™‚ I feel bad for Damon though, now Elena’s chosen Stefan, in the ep 3 when he was said that he’s only still around to make sure elena settles in again and to kill the hunter. And the memorial scene in ep 2, ahhhh, it made me cry so much! So emotional!
    Yeah, I couldn’t imagine life without my sister, I can go to her for so much! Your sisters at NYU?! wow, im so jealous! Is she okay though after Sandy?!

    • Haylee says:

      I just love Steroline so much! They remind me of Dair! πŸ˜› And I feel bad for Damon too, but have you noticed that even though Damon isn’t pursuing Elena SE’s problems end up being about him. Elena goes to Damon for help, Elena thinks of Damon when she and Stefan are making out, etc. By the memorial scene, do you mean the Damon/Alaric scene? That made me cry too. And do you know that song that was playing when Delena were sharing blood? It’s a Marinaandthediamonds song! πŸ˜€ I love that song. And after 2×22 and 4×03, I think this quote fits Delena: “I almost died and all i could think about was you….I just want you.” It’s a Castle/Beckett quote πŸ˜‰

  • Ari says:

    Sandy for me was rain and strong winds. My lights didn’t go out. Thank Lord. Go MD! Anyway I wish I could go to Laguna Beach and find your house. I would be glad. I wish I could donate, I really wish I could, but I can’t. *sigh* SORRY LISI!

  • Maggie says:

    Sandy missed me entirely. hit slightly west and east of me but all i got was light rains and wind. (I’m in NC) The name sandy doesn’t sound intimidating, i have a great aunt named sandy, but the damage is horrifying. I love halloween and i would totally love to trick or treat at your house! I saw an ah-dorable cleo de nile waiting for an older sibling at one of the bus stops in the neighborhood. scary cute. I am going as something i shall change my gravatar icon too after tonight. i love DIY’ing costumes. hope everyone has fun and stays safe! or at least the later for sandy’s victims. my aund makes amazing blueberry pie, so sandy makes me want pie. I like pie! lol i can not stay on topic. even in writing a simple comment. SQUIRREL!

  • kat10235 says:

    That’s what i said when i finished signing up for NANOWRIMO too, “what did i get my self in to?” Any advice? I’ve decided to write a novel, telling the story through poetry. Any advice?

  • Tara says:

    Not gonna lie Hurricane Sandy pretty much did blow. Even though got me off 3 days of school I never been so bored.. That being said Lisi I’m so jealous I wish I lived in Laguna Beach or L.A to be exact. I’d trick or treat just to get a signed book (even though I’m Jewsih)
    p.s Due to staying home (Thanks Sandy) all day my t.v was my new bff – And all that was playing was Monster HIgh. It was pretty solid.

  • Arianna says:

    Talia is on the east coast along with Deirdre. I’m nervous for them. They both live in New York. Have a happy Halloween Lisi! I have a literary mascarade to go to and work tonight. I’m dressing up as a red shirt from Star Trek. πŸ™‚

    LLAP, Arianna

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