The Soul-er Eclipse of My Heart.

Lisi HarrisonIf you subscribed my weekly Blah-g post from 2006-2014 then you, my loyal friend, have been in the Lisi Harrison Path of Totality. That’s right, I went dark. Not for a few moments, mind you. For a few years. No more unsolicited advice about relationships, writing, and friendship. No more updates about my latest novels. No more embarrassing stories ripped from the soy-sauce stained pages of my life. The weekly Wednesday Blah-g posts were gone–I was gone. And you deserve an explanation.

Since attention spans have rapidly decreased since we last spoke I’ll leave it at this: My light was eclipsed by the three D’s—divorce, deadlines, and “don’t say anything at all.” Yeah, that last D was me realizing that I didn’t have anything nice to say, so…

It was an incredibly sad and stressful time. One that is finally behind me. And for that I am proud and wildly grateful. I am stronger, more confident, and loaded with wisdom. I have tons to say about relationships, writing, friendship, and the sorry state of denim.  More than ever before. You’ll see; no solar filter glasses necessary. You might need readers, though as it has been a while.

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  • loved this post, I find it fascinating to see how other countries operate in things we take for granted.

  • Ahh, Lisi! You’re an old friend whom, actually, I’ve only met once. And –let me tell you–it feels great to hear from you again!

    I completely feel for you, but in all Lisi-nature, I’m sure you’re back stronger than ever! (Especially, as I anxiously await my copy of the DBC…!)

    So, I feel compelled to say that the Clique series completely defined my pre-teen years: the friendship, the fashion, the writing style.

    Just as I start my first year as a middle school teacher, suddenly, I notice that your first adult novel has been published. And it’s as if you have my back once again, not as a literary light into my teen years, but now into womanhood…

    And, for that, I’m forever grateful. Never let your jitters triumph over your lasting influence! <3

  • Suzie says:

    Ahhh so excited you’re back! I can not wait to get my hands on the new book! I would love for te pretty committe to come back! I felt I grew with massie since we were similar ages! Can’t wait for them to be 26!

  • Kaitlyn says:

    I’m so happy you’re back. This is the only blog i’ve ever followed and cared about and when you went dark, this whole time I was hoping that you were ok.

  • Number One Fan says:

    Hey Lisi! What is your favorite fashion designer brand?

  • Lisi Harrison says:

    Funny you should say that, Tiana. I’m working on that right now. Stay tuned to this site for updates. Click the envelope icon to sign up for the weekly blog post. Also visit the Clique facebook page for more.

    xoxo Lisi

  • Tiana says:

    Hey Lisi! I’ve been reading and reading the clique series for some past years now (and I still read them) and I never got bored from reading your books. It would be awesome if you could make another book about how Massie is doing in England, how OCD has changed after Massie had left, how is Dylan’s Reality T.V show is going on and Etc.

  • Susann says:

    Dear Lisi,
    how exciting to see your blah-g back in action! I’m sad to hear you went through such a rough time but I’m very happy that you are back.
    I’ve been a huge fan of your books ever since I got my hands on the first Clique novel and actually re-read the series earlier this year. I took Pretenders with me on vacation in June and loved it so much – are you going to release more books in that series anytime soon?
    Of course I cannot wait for The Dirty Book Club and hope to get my hands on it as soon as it comes out! 🙂

    xoxo from Germany

    • Lisi Harrison says:

      Thank you Susann. Unfortunately the Pretenders series was cut from four books to two before I had a chance to wrap things up. I know a lot of people are upset about this and I don’t blame them. I plan on blogging soon and revealing the end. Pink swear.

      Thank you for being in touch.

      xoxo from Laguna Beach.

  • Jasmine says:

    Hey Lisi! Glad to have you back. I completely understand the need to disappear for awhile. I started reading the Clique series back in middle school, read the Alpha series in high school, and am so excited to be out of college and ready to read the Dirty Book Club! You are my author for life, Lisi! Haha I can’t wait for all the weekly blog updates.

    • Lisi Harrison says:

      Thank you Jasmine. You are my reader for life! I can’t wait to hear what you think of The Dirty Book Club. And nothing will be more exciting than bringing the Clique girls back to life. I’ve missed them madly. Almost as much as I missed the fans.

      xoxox Lisi

  • Jae Stephens says:

    So happy to hear you’re back! I moved recently and found my old clique/alphas/monster high books/merch stored away and have now proudly placed them at the front of my shelf in my new apartment. Forgot how big of a role they played in my life 7 years ago when I was 13 – how big of a role YOU played!! I’m so sorry to hear of the rough patch you went through but I know a woman who has (positively) impacted so many lives the way you have is more than capable of getting through anything and will live to tell the tale (brilliantly might I add!). We are all rooting for you. Seems like I’ve chosen the perfect time to rediscover my old books – new blah-g and new Clique book! I look forward to diving into some of your more recent works as well. We love you!

    • Lisi Harrison says:

      I love you Jae! Thank you. Your support means everything to me. The Dirty Book Club is only weeks away. I hope you love it. (I ah-dore your name BTW.)

  • Samantha says:

    Missed you I read the cliques in 6th grade and just feel on love with the whole story my question is did you have something similar like the clique I your friend group when you younger? 🙂

    • Lisi Harrison says:

      Hi Samantha,
      I didn’t have anything similar to the Clique when I was growing up. Meaning: there wasn’t one alpha with a bunch of circling betas and wannabes. I did, however, grow up surrounded by shifting loyalties and that feeling of never knowing if I was in that day or out. And if I was “out” half the time I never knew why. I think this is typical. SAD but typical. If anything I hope the Clique series showed girls how insane this behavior is. My new book, The Dirty Book Club celebrates the power of female friendship. We all need to do more of that.

  • Arianna says:

    This is such a throwback to my high school days!! Hey Lisi! Long time no read! I’ve missed you so much! Reading the Blah-g and leaving a comment feels like putting on an old sweatshirt, cozy, nostalgic, and it’s still fits perfectly! I doubt you remember me but I used to read your posts weekly and comment and talk to all the other girlies here. It was a great time.

    I’m so excited for the Dirty Book Club (already pre-ordered it. #Obsessed) and out-of-my-mind thrilled about a (possible) new Clique book?!? I’m so happy you’re back. You’ve been missed!

    • Lisi Harrison says:

      I do remember you. You girls helped me as much as I helped you. I am so happy we’re all back in touch. Here’s to our ah-mazing future.

  • Jessica says:

    So glad you’re back! I’ve continuously checked this site since you’ve left, hoping you’d return one day, and you have! I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through, but I know you’re strong and fierce! I still read The Clique series all the time; it came out when I was 11, and I’m 24 now…still love it! I can’t wait to read The Dirty Book Club, and I’m looking forward to whatever else you plan to do! You’re the best! Oh and between you and me (and everyone else reading this)…I still wish Glossip Girl was real 😆

  • Camilla says:

    LISI!!!! I’m so glad you are back! I’ve been a huge fan since the fourth grade, now I’m in college! You’re one of my biggest role models. I cannot wait to get a copy of your new book. Loved the first page preview on IG 😉 Eager to see your posts on here ❤️

  • Smikal Patel says:

    I am so glad to hear that you are back in action. I have read all the entire Clique series, watched the movie, and you were the only author I ever wrote a letter to because of the fact how much I loved your books. Yeah, a lot has changed since I finished “A Tale of Two Pretties,” but that doesn’t mean that my love for the series has become any less or my love for your writing. <3

    • Lisi Harrison says:

      Thank you Smikal. I’m so excited to be working on a new Clique book. I love reconnecting with you guys. This is my happy place.

  • Mallory says:

    Also ! Im glad youre back on track with life ! Sad to see someone so great have to go through that ! 😥♥️

    • Lisi Harrison says:

      Thank you Mallory. I’ve learned that trying to escape pain is futile. It’s what we do with it when it catches up to us that counts. I hope to share what I’ve learned with you guys the way others shared it with me. I also hope we keep cracking up. Because that, more than anything, helps.

  • Mallory says:

    Hi Ms.Harrison,how are you ! Let me be the one to say that you are a literary genius ! Ive followed your blog since i could type! And Ive read your books since I was in fifth grade,Ive read the clique series about 5x (not even joking) Anywho,I connect with Massie on an emotional level . Haha, Ive had this idea for a good – two years now ? But Ive finally worked up the guts to pitch this Idea to you ! Im a 13 year old aspiring actress, and it would mean more than the world for this to happen. Please contact me back on :
    Personal phone:4079103713
    Social Media I have:
    @mya.xxoxx on instagram

  • Manon collette says:

    Hi Lisi ! I’m really sorry for all the things youve been through !!But like you said , it only makes you stronger . I follow you since the beggining of the Clique and theses books really grown with me , I love your sense of humour 😉 Don’t let the past defines your future and be the funny , creative and fah-bu-lous author we all know and love 🙂
    – A fan from Quebec city , CANADA 🙂

    • Lisi Harrison says:

      Bonjour Manon! I was in Quebec City this summer and I had a blast. I wish I could post the pictures here. There are some super cool restaurants there. And being Canadian myself, I was so pumped to be reunited with Ketchup chips.

      Thank you for your support. I’m excited to stay in touch.

      xoxo Lisi

  • Lauren says:

    Hey Lisi! I’m so glad you’re back into the blah-g world, because it’s been ages! I admire your confidence, your books and even your wittiness in your writing. You really have inspired a lot of people in so many ways to make their dreams a reality. Probably the most writing I do is for my online store and their descriptions 😂 I don’t write like you, but I do relate to a lot of the writing you have written, and sometimes use the advice into my own life when challenges arise. The clique books have been my most favorite to read. I love the witty comebacks you always came out with, they made me laugh and even caught me off guard. Thank you, keep going Lisi 😁

    P.S. Let me know If you ever do book signings, I would love to make time to stop by. Me and my family are huge fans of your work.

    • Lisi Harrison says:

      This text made my day. Fine week. Fine month. I am so glad you are writing. And don’t EVER knock online store writing. I am a huge fan of your work as online shopping is my cardio. So please, don’t ever stop.

      I am doing book signings. To find out when and where check the events section on this site.

      xoxo Lisi

  • Kiana says:

    Wow. I think I wasn’t the only one wondering what was up or if you had fallen off the face of the earth. I’m sorry to hear about the divorce. I know nothing about that, but I do know that can be tough. Stay strong!
    And by the way, I seriously hope you do write The Clique. I loved that series with all my heart. You were and are my favorite author, but that was my favorite series. Sometimes I ask myself “why does Lisi even write other series if The Clique was the best?” Anyway, I was wondering what the best way to reach out to you for advice was? You’re the person I look up to and I love your blogs. Maybe you could even have a form for ideas on The Clique? Not sure if you’d like that, but might help with ideas? Although I kinda am interested in seeing what you come up with.
    And last thing, can you bring The Clique websites back? And also, release the Cliquetionary book to iBooks so I can buy it!

    • Lisi Harrison says:

      Hi Kiana,
      Thank you for getting in touch and for being happy I’m still alive. The best way to get advice from me is to post your question here. I will either reply to you or turn it into a blog topic–giving you full credit, of course.

      About the Clique stuff, I am working on the concept right now and I’m super pumped. Feel free to make this the spot for your forum. That way I can weigh in if you want me to.

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