From Cliques to Clubs.

Hello my friends,

I can NOT stop listening to the Glee Cast version of Teenage Dream. I literally drove three blocks past my office so I could let the song play through for the third time in a row. Feel free to judge.

And now for the headline news… Most of you know I have been working my knockers off writing The Dirty Book Club. Is it done? Nope. But I’m powering through and I’m falling more in love with the story and characters every day. So much so that I’ve started giving life to the novel living before it’s born.

Go to and check out the products I designed. I am getting the pillow cases for everyone in my own personal DBC because they are ah-dorable and we’re worth it.

In the coming months I will roll out tips for starting your own clubs. I’ll introduce you to the DBC’s reading list and the girls in my own personal club.

But for now, get yourselves some gear so everyone knows you’re a member. Yes, Massie, there’s a new Clique in town.


Life is messy, survival is dirty.



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  • Luvs2read says:

    Shannon Farley – SAME she hasen’t been really blogging much.

  • Shannon Farley says:

    Hello Lissi I was wondering what happened to you. You just seemed to disappear. I hope your still writing

  • Kiean says:

    Lisi, where have you been? Why no recent blog updates? Are you still writing? Are you not going to be an author anymore? Are you planning a big surprise? Please update or e-mail me. I’m curious.

  • Hi Lisi! PLEASE make a clique book about massie running into her old clique where she was the beta in, in The Rise of The Pretty Comittee!!!!

    Please and thank you! <3 u!

  • Mikaela says:

    Dear Lisi
    PLEASE ANSWER THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

    You give some of the best advice ever and I was wondering if you could help me out. There’s a boy that I like, so I asked him out. Being we’re in 5th grade, he said no. I was so sad I almost cried right there on the spot. As I type this, I’m in my bed with a half empty tub of chocolate ice cream, crying my eyes out. My eyes are so red it looks like I have pinkeye! Any advice for how to get over a boy?


    • Karolina says:

      Mikaela, I know I’m not Lisi, but bear with me anyway. It’s okay to be sad about someone not liking you back, I’ve been there. Just don’t wallow for too long. Focus on your girlfriends, have a fun sleepover or go to the mall, distract yourself with fun activities. This feeling sucks, but it will stop sucking eventually, and there’ll be plenty more boys to go out with in the future. xo

  • Aliciya says:

    Omg I heart your books xoxo πŸ™‚

  • Emily S says:

    Hi Lisi my name is Emily I’m one of your biggest fans! The clique series is my favorite series since I started reading it 6 years ago, and have recently finished collecting them. Needless to say they are my pride and joy 😍 I know you are very busy working on other books but if you ever get the chance, could you write another clique book?? The final one, after “a tale of two pretties”, where the girls are in their senior year, with Massie still in England. I’m dying to see how life turned out for them! I have a few ideas for it, but mostly one where it ends at their graduation and, even though they are young, Cam proposes to Claire. After all they have been together since 7th grade! Massie is with James and they are major A-list in England, Kristin just got signed to became a pro soccer player, Dylan is the star of her show and realizes her dream of following her moms footsteps and becoming a talk show host and Alicia is a dancer on the low, until Dylan says they should have a talk show together. Please let me know what you think! This would mean the world to me if you would reply!! Thank you very much for your time! Xoxo

  • cydney says:

    I currently love your series pretenders, are you making a third book? Also I shipped Sheridan and Duffy, and I thought that he was going to comfort her and try to fight for her or something, but he didn’t. Instead he tried to hit on with Lilly, and I’m glad she didn’t like him anymore because after that he showed me his true side; a douche. But maybe he’ll change and fight for her or something, since I know they both liked each other. But other than that I did feel bad for her since she did have feels for him and he blowed her off. Although if I would to chose which one of them in a relationship would entertaining it would have to be Vanessa and Lilly, because Sheridan can always be distracted with her acting career. Vanessa has protected brother and it would be fun to see if Blake got jealous for some reason. Please don’t be offended by this in any way, I’m just trying to imagine what the next book would be like and what drama will happen. if there is a next book that is. I always like surprises or plot twist and I guess I hope you make a third book and that the ending is a bang. keep up the good work, your books make me like reading.
    p.s. theres this app were you can read online at anytime, its called wattpad. People can.
    basically write and read books on the app. also there are book contests, the whole thing is just really entertaining. You can even publish your book from and a lot of people use it. so if you every want to make a mini story because you don’t want to make a whole book, a lot of people will view and I guess its for your free time. you might be a busy person but its a cool thing to check out.

  • Mikaeyla says:

    Dear Lisi,
    It’s currently 1:25 AM and I’m lightweight freaking out but no one whom I trust is awake atm to talk to me, so I thought I would try you, one of my all-time favorite writers, in hopes that you would see this and possibly give me some advice… and bring my sanity back. But as I have been stalking your website (lol), it seems that you don’t do your weekly blah-g’s anymore, and I have a feeling that you might not see this, but I hope that by some miracle you do because I need you and your beautiful and helpful advice. I wrote you a couple years back about a bad boy that I was crushing on, and your response has really stayed with me over the years. I legit have a list of qualities who would make the perfect guy… but no one is perfect and there’s a guy I really like right now. So I’m like in the age range 18-25 and I’ve technically never had my first kiss (like I’ve been kissed on the cheek, but I don’t count that as the First Kiss). This guy I like, he brought up his first kiss and then asked me, and I was able to sneakily kinda avoid it, but I have no idea what to say because I don’t know where he and I stand (like are we gonna date, or is this just a summer thing), and well I’m also kinda quite embarrassed actually. I mean I guess I’ve just kinda been waiting for the perfect fairytale moment (does that make sense)? Even though I know that it doesn’t happen in real life, I’ve always just clung to the hope that I would have it, am I crazy? I had a bad experience in my first semi real relationship, which is why I haven’t put myself out there till now, but I don’t know how or if I should tell him that I’ve never had my first kiss. I’m scared. What would you do, Lisi?

  • rose says:

    it’s 2016 and I am re-reading the last Clique book, I remember the first time I got it, I own some of the books, I remember searching through boxes for hours at a book sale, making my mother search for them, because I just /had/ to have them all, they are part of my ‘childhood’ in some way LOL but. hope you never stop writing and creating and I hope you know you are very talented and your published books to at least me will be timeless. (: I remember visiting your site when you had the brown purse, that seems ages and ages ago, but nerveless, love you Lisi.

  • Gabby says:

    OMG LISI!!!!!!!!!!! I have been a huge fan of yours since I was in like 4th grade…now here I am, a freshman in college! I used to read your blah-g religiously and I just remembered it, so I had to check if you still had on, and OMG am I so happy I did! I cannawt wait to read your new adult book! It has been far too long since I’ve read one of your bwokrs…I need you back in my life!
    Love you long time, Lisi!
    xoxo Gabby

  • priscillaking says:

    Hello, Lisi Harrison…I’d like to offer “The Clique” as a Fair Trade Book (secondhand books sold at a price 10% of which is returned to the author or the author’s favorite charity). A review is scheduled to appear at in mid-December. If you’d like to preview the review, comment, etc., please let me know.

    (Yes, I’m aware that this is a totally anti-Clique comment. In grade eight I fancied myself as a clique-buster.)

  • Nina says:

    Dear Lisi,
    Wow. I haven’t visited this website in years, since back when it was still a .net and designed to look like a brown quilted purse. I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart to see you are still blah-ging. The clique books changed my life when I read them in sixth grade. I was incredibly shy and insecure when i first met the clique. I didn’t speak much and I let mean kids walk all over me (I also had horrible fashion sense). Massie was just so FIERCE. She taught me that confidence is a choice, and that you’re only as fabulous as you think you are. She was so easy to root for, not because she never got down but because she never allowed herself to stay down.
    I am now a freshman in college, and for years people have been describing me as bold, and fierce, and fearless. My friends always say I take no shit, that I am intimidating and honest and confident. And I think, I wasn’t always. Friends showed me the way. 5 fabulous girls lifted my chin and said, girl, you better keep it there.
    Thank you, Lisi, for sharing your friends with me. I’ll always be a faithful fan, and clique member.

  • Harmony says:

    Yes Lisi!! We’re waiting! I’m very excited for the release. I hope you go on a book tour (to NYC) so I can finally meet you πŸ’•

  • Gigi Powelson says:

    Will you be writing a series on the girls in high school

  • Danigeline Rossignol says:

    I love all the cliques novel please continue writing I adore all of the books you have written thank you Lisi

  • Jessica says:

    I’m kind of sad that I won’t be able to read Dirty Book Club for a while πŸ™ , I just have to wait until Pretenders 3 for my Lisi fix, it has been a year since any update on that book, any updates?

  • Natalie says:

    I love the clique books so much! I hope you consider writing a book where Dylan, Alicia, Claire and Kristen go visit Massie in England! I know you are very busy and are in the process of writing a new book, but I would love it if you could think about my suggestion! Please reply to this because you are a celebrity in my mind and it would make my day! Thanks so much!

    • Deserae McG says:

      Whoever tried to reply impersonating Lisi, please stop. Lisi would never say this to her fans. Don’t worry Natalie. Lisi reads all of our comments, even if she doesn’t reply to all of them! She said that the Clique series was finished, but that she loves hearing about how much we loved it! So even though the real Lisi Harrison hasn’t replied yet, just know she’s probably read your comment, and it’s probably giving her lots of warm fuzzies as she continues to work on The Dirty Book Club! πŸ™‚

      • Danigeline Rossignol says:

        I agree with you. People shouldn’t be posting nasty comments on my favorite author’s page. Like Deserae said Lisi just haven’t reply yet but that doesn’t mean she’s not thinking about it.

    • Wiliam Verch-Weldon says:

      Efficiency in writing isn’t stupid Mass.. Lisi; to continue a well formulated and appreciated enterprise improves all aspects of the writing [clique thru college and even as professionals, since you already have them positioned for related endeavors — Massie as Hollywood stylist/producer, Claire & Alicia as actresses, Kristen as playwright/author/director/stunt woman/whatever, Dylan as columnist/interviewer; even Olivia (most honest and insightful — some deliberate put-on?) as model/actress/agent]. In meantime, looking forward especially to the summer camp series.

  • lailapolk says:

    At the beginning of six grade I had these two friends they were just perfect for each other. But it had turned out that they were friends and fourth grade but became the enemies in fifth grade but I kind of got them to Reconcile. After the reconciliation they just started to block me out. I felt all the way on the outside. As I start seventh-grade I’m kind of wondering are they still going to be my friend? I’m really unsure. Lizzie, I need your advice should I try to be friends with them still or should I just go my own way. The issue is more complicated than just that I Kinda branched off from them when they start doing things I didn’t like and getting in trouble. I guess it’s kind of like war when it comes to the world of cliques. I don’t really know what to do I started sitting at lunch with them again. But it just seems like they don’t want to be my friend. I’m super on edge about the whole situation. I still think about starting the new year but with what friends?

  • Oh hey! Super excited for THE DIRTY BOOK CLUB as well. I hardly ever read adult books. This process you’re going though is sorta exciting for us all (okay, maybe just me, haha!) so def keep us posted, Lisi, on how it’s going!

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