Boobs and Bathingsuits

Hello there. I was hoping that title would get your attention.

Okay fine, I’ll own it. I dropped the Blah-g yesterday. I’m sorry. But I happened to be inside this theater attending an ah-mazing concert and I didn’t have time to post.


If you don’t know this band of three badass and extremely talented sisters, make it your business to get to know them. Not at this exact second, but the moment you finish reading this.

The other thing that consumed me yesterday was my research for The Dirty Book Club. The novel is set in present-day California, but there are a lot of flashbacks. The one I am working on now takes place in 1973 so I ordered a bunch of archived magazines from that time so I could get a feel for pop culture and fashion during that era.


This is what I learned…

1) Swimsuit models didn’t have to spend their salaries on boobs. Flat was where it was at. Much sexier if you ask me.


2) One dollar went a long way. SPOILER ALERT: Sheridan Spencer reads How To Be Your Own Best Friend in Pretenders 2: License To Spill (June 2014). See it down there?


3) Jell-O mold = “Nutrition.”


4) Photos weren’t shopped. Models had facial movement when they smiled and their skin tones weren’t even. The horror!


5) This cigarette ad is my favorite. Not only does it look like that guy is once inch away from setting his shag rug on fire, and not only do the tracks on his corduroy pants look like they have been raked in a Zen garden, but there is something in this photo that defies all logic. Can you figure out what it is?



Try. Really try. But if you are too impatient because you want to go and download Haim ,check the bottom of this blog for the answer.





(Their cigarettes are lit but no smoke. Man, the ’70s were a magical time.)


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