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Lisi Harrison Talks Middle School Struggles with Author Jen Calonita.

Hello Friends and Stalkers,

Last week I had a very honest conversation with author Jen Calonita about navigating middle school. We talked about our new books, our fantasy do-overs, and how the struggles we had as 12-year-olds haven’t gone away. We also explore my new favorite question: Is it possible for friends to grow up without growing apart?

Well? Is it? What do you think?


xoxo Lisi

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Squad Goals: Five Ways to Find Your Tribe.


Are you wandering the social desert looking for your tribe? Want to branch out because you’re not being treated like the wonder woman that you are? Can you relate to these comments?

Lisi, what’s your take on friend making? Do you think it is like love where people say if you look for it, you won’t find it? What’s a good way to find friends? -Kiana

 I don’t have a lot of friends, and feel really awkward when I meet new people. I don’t feel like I fit in. Mostly like a misfit. I probably have like 2 friends but they’re not even similar to me. Hopefully Lisi can help us both! -Lauren

Making true  friends can feel
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Here’s what’s #trending right now in my inbox: BFF break-ups. The silent but deadly kind where you both wake up and are no longer following each other on Instagram. If you are female over the age of nine you know what I’m talking about. This is Kendra’s story:

Hi Lisi! I have a problem, maybe you can help. You always give the best advice. It’s about my best friend, now my ex-best friend. We met at work two years ago and became best friends fast but then I noticed that she always had a lot of free time and nobody else except me to fill it. She became really needy. Problem is, I have a TON of people in my

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